5 Memorable Pride Campaigns By Popular Brands In India

5 Memorable Pride Campaigns By Popular Brands In India

It goes without saying that PRIDE is a universal theme that resonates with the Indian audience, not just after the decriminalisation of Section 377 in 2018 but much before that. In fact, Amul was one of the few Indian companies that publically addressed ‘coming out of the closet’ back in 2009. Yes, the Indian consumer base has been progressive and fast-forward from 2018 to today, we’re only getting started.

Hence, to celebrate the start of Pride Month 2022, we look back at some of the most memorable Pride campaigns executed by popular Indian brands through the years.

Amul’s ‘Out of the Closet’

Amul Pride Campaign | Marketing Mind

Back in 2019 when ‘coming out’ was a hushed topic in India, Amul stood its ground to support and encourage members of the LGBTQ+ spectrum to reveal their colours and celebrate love like no other. They released an ad playing with the colours of the rainbow to represent pride. Moreover, their main USP of selling butter was associated with the feeling of revealing one’s true identity.

Bhima Jewelry’s ‘Pure as Love’

It feels good to be included. More so when the inclusion is seamless, just the way it’s been narrated by Bhima Jewlery. If you haven’t watched the advertisement yet, here’s your chance to view the beautiful picture painted by the brand to celebrate inclusivity in the month of Pride. This campaign was launch in June 2021, becoming one of the most memorable ones in India.

Fastrack’s ‘The Closet’

Who can forget Fastrack’s campaign titled ‘The Closet’ featuring two women literally coming out of the closet? Backed by stellar background music, the brand took a leap in the right direction 9 years ago to support this spectrum of individuals through an advertisement way ahead of its times.

Tinder’s ‘Pride from Home’

India got its first Pride Month Anthem thinks to singer and producer, Ritviz in partnership with Tinder India. Listen to the song ‘Raahi’ to get in the feels and celebrate this month with your loved one. Come out, feel the love and spread the happiness by being your true self.

Titan Raga’s ‘Proud to be Me’

Do you feel absolutely beautiful? That’s who you are and you should look just the way you feel. Titan Raga’s simple yet captivating advertisement does justice to this community to dress up and accessorise themselves with everything they find beautiful. Everything that makes them who they are.

Which campaign has stood out the most for you?

Source: Business Insider

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