6 poses for silent sex

Sometimes circumstances develop so that passion suddenly surges, and you and your partner are visiting parents or friends. In this case, there are several positions in which both of you will enjoy, and no one will hear the sounds of love.

Doggy Style with Pillow

The girl is supposed to be put on her stomach, and she needs to lean on her knees and elbows. Of course, the lady will be pleased: clitoral stimulation, deep penetration and all that.
But for the concealment of groans the pillow will answer, which a friend should offer in advance.

Missionary position

A familiar, ordinary, but still pleasant pose, which you can perform on the bed and on the floor (if the bed creaks). The piquancy will also be added by the fact that you can cover your partner’s mouth with your hand if she is not able to contain the exclamation of pleasure. Well, or just kiss her.


Everything, as usual: you are behind, she is in front, both on her side. Direct movements so that you coincide in the amplitude of the “vibrations” of the bodies. 

In the shower

Of course, it will be a little strange if you two are noticed while going to the bathroom. And if slowly and one at a time – here you can have sex in the shower .
Most of the bathroom doors have locks, and the sound of the water drowns out sounds quite well. Just be careful not to let anyone slip.

69 on its side

Oral sex is interesting and pleasant to both, and also has variations. For example, you can do it on your side: so it will be easier for both of you to breathe, your neck will not tighten, and your hands will be free. The mouth is predominantly busy.

In general, you can try a lot of things , just quietly - it’s better not to embarrass others
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