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6 signs you need a new digital agency

Like any relationship, relationship with agencies It takes time and work to be successful. requires a open and honest communication, responsibility and true collaboration on the part of both the client and the agency.

Like any relationship, relationship with agencies It takes time and work to be successful. requires a open and honest communication, responsibility and true collaboration on the part of both the client and the agency.

That said, there are times when the agency-client relationship it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole: it just doesn’t fit.
the warning signs

6 signs that it could be time to change agency:

  1. Base Experience Mismatch: If your agency is not an expert in the services you need them to perform, then the relationship is not set up for success. You are hindering the true growth potential of your brand.
  2. Your own business growth: Your business needs have evolved beyond your initial scope, but your agency cannot continue to lead the growth or accommodate your growing needs operationally or strategically.
  3. Lack of Strategy: You’ve given your agency the budget and the freedom to come up with strategic ideas and you’ve asked them outright, but time and time again the real strategy is replaced by table stakes and ideas from last quarter.
  4. Team turnover and staff gaps: Change happens, but regular team turnover without proper onboarding and offboarding is a major red flag. If you have communicated this to your agency with no improvement, it may be time to move on.
  5. Inability to measure impact: Marketing credibility depends on measurable results. If your agency isn’t helping you measure the impact of your marketing investment and helping you effectively tell that story to your managers, executives, and board of directors, it may be time to let it go.
  6. Trust has been broken: If you have repeatedly broken your trust by missing important agreed-upon deadlines (without communicating it in advance), you are not setting realistic expectations, not holding yourself accountable, and not leading with integrity. If you’ve addressed this issue directly with them with no change, it may be time for a tougher conversation. Trust is the foundation of every relationship.

Before changing agency

Before making the switch, savvy clients also conduct an internal exam to determine how they are contributing to relationship dysfunction with the agency.

If you run into the same issues at multiple partner agencies, rushing to a new one may not resolve the underlying issues. Make sure your own team and internal processes are setting everyone up for success and learning from past shortcomings.

  • Do you effectively communicate your contract instructions, including expectations, timelines, scope, goals, KPIs, and budgets?
  • Do you provide the agency with the necessary materials, tools, and platforms to be successful and get your work done on time?
  • Do you provide constructive feedback when expectations, deliverables, and timelines are not met?

Getting a good collaboration is more important than ever

Especially on the eve of a looming recession, where financial resources are shrinking for many organizations, it is more important than ever to have the right partners to help you increase the effectiveness of your business. investment in marketing.

Los marketers they are under extreme pressure to do more with less and spend smarter.

Before hiring a new agency

Before hiring a new digital agency for your business, it is important not to fall for the first or second option that comes our way, evaluate several before making the decision, remember that you are looking for a long-term relationship.

Here Some important points to consider in an agency:

  • Experts in the services for which you have hired them.
  • Agile and able to grow with your organization as it evolves.
  • Your true strategic partner, leading growth even in uncertain times.
  • The right organizational fit based on your global operational needs, building the right team around you.
  • Help you prove the effectiveness of your investment and treat your marketing dollars as if they were your own.
  • People you trust, who you enjoy working with, and who know they are just as responsible for growing your business as you are.

Some relationships just don’t fit together, while others can turn into something quite thriving with a few small changes. Only you can truly assess if your current relationship cannot be saved and if it is time to move on.

In either case, it’s about identifying the right partner for your specific organization and building the trust to solve challenges together. There will be successes and failures, but the responsibility for creating a lasting partnership rests with both parties.

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