6 tips for spending this money

6 tips for spending this money

One of the measures to support families put forward by the Government to combat inflation was the allocation of 125 euros to citizens with an income of up to 2700 euros per month. And have you ever thought what are you going to do with this extra money?

For some, this amount may not make a difference, however, for others it may be the ideal excuse to create a savings account or simply pay a fixed expense that you have difficulty meeting every month.

Is it worth investing in a piece of clothing or footwear? Will it be more useful to save for a Christmas present? What use to you? You’ll decide what’s best for you, but we’ve put together a few suggestions.

1 – Invest the 125 euros from the Government

The first suggestion is to think about the future. But for that, you need money. In this sense, we suggest the creation of a savings account or simply a PPR. The offer is vast and varies from bank to bank. Have you ever thought about having a financial reserve and still earning a few euros profiting from your initial investment?

Among the available offer, analyze what the following examples offer you:

2 – With the 125 euros offer something to someone special

If you don’t want to think too much about what to do with the extra 125 euros, you don’t want to save or invest it, but you also don’t want to spend it on the first thing that comes your way, so consider giving a gift someone special. It could be your wife, husband, child or even your parents. There are a lot of useful and even sentimental value things you can offer. So, here are some suggestions:

3 – A romantic getaway

One romantic getaway is also a hypothesis to consider. After all, who doesn’t like to spend a good time with their better half? Enjoy and relax from the stress of everyday life. Think of something different because options abound! So here are some tips to spend the 125 euros from the Government “in love”.

person doing accounts_consolidated credit

4- Take advantage of the 125 euros to pay fixed expenses

They exist fixed expenses, generally, monthlywhich you can always take advantage of to pay them with this extra money, such as:

  • Water;
  • Luz;
  • Gas;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Etc.

That is, you can always choose to pay a fixed expense that you have and that you have difficulty paying every month. For example, put that money aside and depending on the value of your bills, take the opportunity to pay your electricity and gas bill. If you can, pay the telecommunications bill now. So, you have two less worries for your wallet.

5 – Buy something special for yourself

If you live with “cash on the line”, you certainly have something you’d like to buy and have been putting off. For example, a piece of clothing, footwear or some fashion accessory, for example. Take this money and if the value arrives for your purchase, enjoy! Finally buy that piece you’ve been dating for months.

6 – Buy some Christmas gifts now with the 125 euros from the Government

O time flies by and soon Christmas is just around the corner. So, save time and money. Take the opportunity now to buy some gifts you can with the 125 euros granted by the Government. Depending on the person you are going to buy the gift for, there are plenty of options. For a man who likes fashion, think of a watch, perfume, a shirt or a pair of shoes, for example. If you like sports, for example tennis or padell, offer a racket. Or, if you like water sports, think of a surfboard paddle.

7- Fix or repair something you’ve been putting off

This extra money can come at a time when you have a any good damaged, be it a TV, car, computer or any other equipment. Even so, even if these 125 euros are not enough, there are small things that are necessary and that don’t even require a lot of money but that we keep putting off because we always have priority expenses.

8 – Spend the 125 euros at the supermarket

If you don’t have a better need or idea, consider spend this money on essentials. So, go shopping and bring a basket of food for the month.

So, make your own basket, never forgetting that your “budget” is 125 euros. Think of this money as extra income. Finally, bring only essential items and take into account the expiration date.

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