7 AI Marketing Tools to Help you get a Competitive Edge

7 AI Marketing Tools to Help you get a Competitive Edge

Main AI Marketing Takeaways:

  • AI marketing is now more effective, easy to implement, and cheaper.
  • INK is an AI-powered writing editor that can help you better optimize your content for your target audience.
  • AI-algorithms are now used to predict the lifetime value of a customer.
  • Google’s Analytics Intelligence tool will show you actionable insights about your website.
  • To is a data analytics software that can answer your questions about business.

Maybe we can’t grasp the full implications of artificial intelligence on the marketing industryespecially in the long-term. But it is today’s technology. AI marketing applications are more or less approachable and mature.

Some have been tried and tested with many use cases, while others are still under development.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms that are getting smarter and smarter, digital marketers can trust a lot of their usual tedious tasks to AI. Many big brands, tech companies, and startups are already integrating innovative AI marketing solutions.

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of marketing. Gain a competitive edge by using these must-have AI marketing tools.

AI Marketing

AI becomes increasingly effective, easy to implement, and cheaper. Savvy marketers and business owners should let it take over and augment marketing tasks.

Digital marketing is becoming entirely data driven. Copywriting and content creationbuilding a marketing strategy, performance monitoring, updates, and planning.

AI can interfere at every stage with varying levels of maturity.

Data analytics is usually time-consuming for marketing teams. And this is what AI excels at: turning data into actionable business insights.

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There are many questions AI can answer to help marketers anticipate the development of their market and their clients’ needs:

  • How likely would a user subscribe to your service? Or buy your product?
  • Which products are more likely to generate interest?
  • Which customers are most likely to stay loyal to a brand and which would stop using its product?
  • What leads are the best and which prospects to focus on?

For how to get started with AI marketing, your best shot is AI-powered predictive analytics tools.

Predictive Analytics: 7 AI Marketing Tools


For artificial intelligence examples in marketing, you have to look no further than INK!

There’s one specific area INK can help you edge out your competition. This AI-powered content optimization tool will help you produce content that are highly relevant to your target audience.

As you type in words, and after the piece is complete, INK’s algorithm will be working its socks off to optimize the content. A few clicks following the INK editor’s direction will increase its chances of being featured in Google SERP.

INK blends content creation and optimization, linguistic analytics, and on-page SEO based on your niche and competition in one integrated solution.

You can download INK for free here.


AI data-crunching algorithms have been used to drive marketing success or predict future outcomes based on historical data.

AI marketing analytics tools allow predicting the lifetime value of a customer, known as CLTV. This is a critical metric that measures how valuable a customer is to the brand.

In other words, how much cash, or net profit, the future relationship between the company and a customer would generate.

Predictive analytics is one of the most sophisticated AI marketing applications, and one of the easiest and cheapest to implement. You also don’t need large datasets for such insights.

Even with only hundreds of users, you can retrieve analytics data that you can act on. So, it’s useful for big brands and small businesses alike.

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Analytics Intelligence

Ask Google’s Analytics Intelligence any question in natural language. For example, “Which channel had the highest goal conversion rate,” and its machine learning algorithm will instantly give you an answer.

This tool gives you other actionable insights like which landing pages are performing better. Or, get reports for conversion probability.

Google’s Analytics Intelligence is free.

Other paid tools do the same thing but with a more specialized and business-oriented approach. These are more suited for established brands that generate mountains of data.


Keyence has launched an AI data analytics software platform called Ki that can serve as your personal analytics assistant. Using your business data, Ki can answer questions about business problems you might have. Issues like customer churn or rising operational costs.

This AI analyst sifts through all your business data locked away in your CRM database, marketing, and accounting software, ad platforms, and everywhere. It then generates data-driven actionable answers.

Adobe Analytics

Another platform comparable to Google Analytics 360 suite is Adobe Analytics. They’re both great in helping build insight-driven AI marketing strategies.

But they’re not quite the same.

Before anything else, Google’s package is entirely free. Adobe’s solution can cost a couple of thousand dollars per year based on the number of hits a website gets.

Users seem to prefer Google for its ease of implementation and use over Adobe. But they’re different in features and types of insights, AI capabilities, and audience segmentation.

Facebook also has its own data analytics platform.

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AI marketing isn’t just about collecting and parsing data, which is the first step. You have to act on the data-driven insights you get, and here also, AI comes in handy.

There are many AI tools designed to provide predictions and insights to help marketers in the decision-making process.

Crayon analysis platform tracks over 100 data types to let you find what your competitors are doing on the internet. The competitive insights Crayon provides product and pricing changes, content and marketing campaigns launches, customer and employee reviews, and more.


You may want to “spy on” your competitors, but you have to know what your audience wants. This is what Helixa does.

It generates detailed reports about your customers’ interests, demographics, what they say, and how they behave.

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