A good consumer decision: Earn Save Invest

A good consumer decision: Earn Save Invest

In the blink of an eye we are approaching the end of the year. I would say, as I always say, that 2022 passed in an instant. It has been a year of remarkable events and challenges for all of us.

global world

The development of technology has allowed the world to be increasingly connected. An event in China, in the next minute already has an echo in Europe or the USA. This means that things are processed more quickly, making us have to deal with much more information and stimuli than in the past. Making a parallelism for our day to day or for our lives, this faster dynamics is reflected in our consumption decisionsin the way we look at life and the goals we intend to achieve.

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social pressure

The path we are following as a society ends up give priority to seeming over being🇧🇷 On social networks, we often see many prototypes of happiness. There is still a “competition” about who has more followers and what to do to increase them, precisely because people need to feel important.

mistakes to avoid

All these changes that we have been observing mean that there are more and more requests, and it is fundamental distinguish between those that make sense and that have logic and the rest🇧🇷 In the case of financial literacy and investments, it is essential that we all have the notion that investing is not easy🇧🇷 That to generate value we must always have a rationale behind our decisions and that these must always be duly substantiated and “fitted” into an objective that we intend to achieve.

We should never make investment decisions just because a influencer who has thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers says he is good or (apparently) demonstrates that he invested in something that generated considerable added value.

All our decisions, whether consumption or savings, always have a consequence. In a world where it becomes increasingly difficult to separate the real from the apparent, it is very important that let us be disciplined and not allow ourselves to be influenced by scenarios of apparent facilitation.

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earn save invest

This is the name of Doctor Finance’s book, written by Sara Antunes. As I mentioned earlier, we must know how to distinguish between what makes sense and what does not make sense and what we should dedicate our time to. Earning Saving Investing is an excellent resource that we should always have at hand🇧🇷 First, because it’s real. Second, because it addresses all these issues in a simple and knowledgeable🇧🇷 Third, because it holds us accountable, both for lack of action and for the path that each one must follow according to their personal objectives. Fourth, because it highlights the importance of these three fundamental themes and the way in which they must be interconnected so that our decisions make more and more sense. Lastly, this book doesn’t give us a knot in the brain. On the contrary, simplifies and demonstrates that knowledge is within everyone’s reachthat not everything is too complex, just that there is a desire to learn and take a step forward in a knowledgeable way.

We often talk about consumption or investment decisions. This book is a example of what a good consumer decision can be, with a very positive impact on our investment decisions. As we are approaching Christmas, and we often have trouble finding a useful gift, here is a solution that makes perfect sense.

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