Career Paths & Platforms To Explore As A Freelance Writer

Career Paths & Platforms To Explore As A Freelance Writer

In recent months, many people have started looking for new career opportunities on the Internet, which is why freelance sites are experiencing a new rise of popularity. Freelance writing jobs are popular on such sites, especially among students. Today, we are going to discuss how you can find freelance writing jobs if you are a student.

What Does It Mean To Have A Freelance Job For Writing?

A freelance service is an online platform where an employer can find a specialist to work remotely. Such sites are popular in the digital sphere. They serve as an intermediary and make sure that remote employees are securely recruited.

On freelance services, you can find specialists such as designers, marketers, copywriters, and developers. Services work in different ways. For example, the well-known site Upwork uses special algorithms that analyze the order and suggest suitable performers even before clicking the “Search” button.

1. Become An Academic Writer

If you want freelance jobs for writing, you must look at a variety of options to explore. Keep in mind that your writing is not limited to popular SEO content writing. You can try whatever suits you, such as writing essays for students. You can find such a job on an academic writing service like If you have been able to write good essays since high school and you have a good command of English, you can try becoming one of their writers.

2. Rewriting

Unlike copywriting, here, you should not write texts from scratch but rewrite them. Often customers order rewriting of articles on competitors’ sites while preserving the initial meaning but rephrasing the sentences. This allows preventing copyright infringement while receiving quality content.

What is needed to start?

To become a rewriter, it is enough to have a good command of the language, be able to find synonyms, formulate thoughts in other words, structure information. If you plan to work in the international market, it is important to know a foreign language at a minimum B2 level.

Where to look for work?

Typical customers of rewriters’ services are SEO studios, content studios, blog editors. Such specialists are rarely recruited into the staff; more often, they cooperate as freelancers. You can search for orders on freelance services, in thematic groups, telegram channels with orders.

Why Become A Rewriter?

  • You increase the level of knowledge of languages, pump over your writing skills.
  • You can go from rewriting to editing, proofreading, copywriting or other freelance jobs for writing. But for this, you need to learn and improve other skills.
  • There is a great demand for such a service; therefore, if you correctly recommend yourself, you can easily find orders.

What To Look Out For?

  • Low cost of services. If we compare with the payment for the services of a copywriter, then the rewriter gets less money, although the time for writing an article based on the finished one can be spent as much as writing a text from scratch.
  • Often, SEO indicators (uniqueness, spamming, number of keywords) are valued in texts more than the meaning and quality of the content.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is writing for advertising collaterals. Their purpose may be different: to stimulate the purchase of a product, to increase brand awareness, and more. Copywriters can be either full-time workers or freelancers. They work with different texts for websites, landing pages, pages in social networks, e-mail newsletters, product cards, YouTube channels. Frequent customers can be SEO studios, entrepreneurs, online stores, online media editors, and corporate blogs.

What is needed to start?

To become a copywriter, besides the ability to write and create, you need to know enough on how to market the product/service you’re writing for. Negotiation skills will be a bonus. It is also advisable to understand related areas, for example, user experience, if you write texts for landing pages, or SEO if you create content for search engine promotion.

Why Become A Copywriter?

  • Broadening your horizons, especially if you plan to create content for various thematic blogs.
  • Grammatical Expertise. You simply cannot allow yourself to write even simple letters or texts for friends with mistakes.
  • Creative self-expression. Even with strict technical specifications, it is possible (and necessary) to find opportunities for creativity.

What To Watch Out For:

  • Professional hazards may occur. For example, on culinary forums, instead of studying recipes, you will start analyzing the content, seeing an opportunity for improvement.
  • You need to constantly deliver creativity, even if it’s SEO text in the informational style.

Platforms where you can find freelance writing jobs


Linkedin- freelance jobs for writing

On LinkedIn, you can create a professional and engaging profile. LinkedIn has a setting that lets you be notified of the latest jobs in your industry. You can easily apply for a freelance writing job and find the most suitable one for yourself.


create upwork profile cover- Freelance jobs for writingUpwork is the largest service for freelancers from around the world. More than 12 million performers and 5 million customers are registered on it, and 3 million jobs are added there every year. Upwork charges a 20% commission. The resource is suitable for beginners, but there are many low-cost projects on it. You should look for more profitable orders on specialized sites. You must keep trying so that your profile will be recommended.


Freelance jobs for writing- fiverrFiverr is an incredibly popular platform used by freelancers all over the world. This site presents projects for which customers are willing to pay rates starting from $5. Fiverr is for aspiring professionals looking to build a portfolio.

How to find Clients for Freelance Jobs for Writing?

1. Friends, acquaintances, relatives

Tell your friends and acquaintances that you are good at writing. Novice freelancers can provide them with the service for free or through barter, asking for feedback or advertising in social networks in return.

2. Word of mouth

It is also called referral work. This is very helpful for advanced freelancers to achieve successful results. In order to launch it, you need to ask clients to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. After the client has received the result, contact him or her with a request to recommend you as a reliable specialist.

3. Referral Marketing

It is a special focus that encourages customers to recommend your products and services to their friends. The main point is to make recommendations part of marketing by rewarding your brand ambassadors (representatives). Benefits are received not only by you but also by the one who recommended you. It works very efficiently when used correctly.

4. CV-portfolio on a Website Constructor

It is easy and convenient to post a CV, add a portfolio and describe work experience on the website constructor. This is how customers can assess the quality and professionalism of a remote worker. A stylish portfolio will attract clients to you and effectively introduce you to a potential client. When ready, you can place it on the active link in your social media profile.

5. Social media

Freelancers can effectively use social media to attract new clients and retain old ones. For a successful launch, you need:

  1. Design pages correctly
  2. Find your target audience and study the activities of competitors
  3. Choose sites for promotion
  4. Create a brand development strategy
  5. Do content creation and page filling

To find clients, you should use:

  1. Selling post in your account.
  2. Selling stories in the account.
  3. Business card on your Instagram.
  4. Ask your customers to tell about you (with a profile mark).
  5. Direct mailing of offers to your target audience (selling letter).
  6. Comments from influential bloggers.
  7. Advertising from bloggers (posts, stories).
  8. Mutual PR with bloggers where your target audience is.

Freelance jobs for writing is one of the few of the professions that doesn’t require a specific degree. Most people become successful freelance writers by practicing. Start looking for work in freelance writing and change your life!

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