Customer Relationship Management (CRM): ¿Qué es y cuál es su importancia?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): What is its importance?

CRM saves time and is essential, both to increase sales and to improve customer service. What does it consist of?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management, for its acronym in English) is a customer relationship management software. It allows to centralize in a single place the database of the companies and the history of the communication that they maintain with their clients.

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CRM saves time and is essential, both to increase sales and to improve customer service, because it streamlines all areas related to users, such as marketing.

According to Statista GmbH – a German online statistics portal that makes relevant data available to users from economic indicators, market and opinion studies – there are around 1,707 million websites in the world, making it It is important for entrepreneurs to use a differentiator that allows them to retain their customers.

For this reason, specialists maintain that beyond automating the company’s internal processes, CRM allows establishing solid relationships with customers in order to get them to return for their services and products.

According to the Spanish sales and customer service platform, this type of software can help businesses integrate Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp in a single window, so that entrepreneurs do not miss any message that customers send them. and it also has a chat distributor of dialogues.

It also allows companies to have wide visibility of their inventories, cross-sell in the same chat window, create loyalty programs, develop email marketing campaigns and send payment links, among many other benefits.

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  • A CRM simplifies tasks that would otherwise be laborious and routine.
  • There are different types of CRM, therefore, before choosing one for your company, you should do some research to determine which one best fits the profile of your business.
  • There are three types of CRM: Operational, Analytical and Collaborative.
  • A sales CRM is customer relationship management software that helps meet customer needs and automates internal business processes.

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