Different Types of bra, According to your need’s

How to choose the correct bra that fits you, pick the correct type for your size , need and match to use for different clothes


Mostly recommended for smaller breast women.
These are good for fashionable and casual wear.
Bralettes are designed more for the shape of the breast than for support.

Bandeau Bras

Bandeau bra is called as a tube bra.
It is complete strapless bra and sometimes comes with slightly padded cups.
This is one of the voguish bras that modern girls go for. It is mostly with stretchable fitting which an good option for small bust women.

Corset Bra

Corset bras are also called as bustiers
Corset bra is a well structured bra which gives you a coverage from bust to hips. You can wear the closet bras with beautiful gowns for a perfect shape.

Balconette Bras

bra type balconette
Balconette bras cover the half part of the breast. It covers the nipples and mostly preferred to create a cleavage. it lift ups your top part of breast
You can wear a balconette bra with low cut and deep neck tops.

Demi Bra

demi bra foxcow
It lifts up the cleavage, Whenever you out to show out your cleavage and upper part of breast, demi bra will let you do it perfectly.
You can wear a demi bra with a lower cut t-shirt or a deep cut square neckline

Front hook bra

front hook opening bra-foxcow
Front hook bra is easy to wear and remove,
It is suitable for everyday use

Halter Neck Bras

This bra holds your bust properly without sagging.
It is good for casual and occasional wear as well.

T-Shirt Bra


T-shirt bras are seamless and invisible through the T-shirts
When a woman is wearing a skin fit t-shirt or blouse, she may need a t-shirt bra. It makes the breast look smooth from out. 
These bras are good for everyday. it can be used with any skin fit blouse.

Wireless Bra

It gives the best support for women with heavy bust.
It can give your breast a good lift up and shape.
you can prefer this for everyday wear

Push Up Bra

Push up bras bring your breasts upwards. It also brings the breast close and together to create a cleavage naturally.
Push bras are a best choice for women with smaller breast

Strapless bra

Strapless bras are can be also called half cup bra
The wings of the bra are always wider to be strong enough to support the breasts without the straps
which are good choices for wearing off shoulder tops and extremely low neckline dresses

Backless Bra

backless bra-6910
This one has very low back strap or a transparent one or both.
It gives you freedom to wear backless dresses whenever you want.

Full / Super Support Bra

Ideal for women who have big or sagging breasts.
It will round off the shape and also keep them firm.

Sheer Bra / Transparent Bra

sheer o transparent bra-6910
It is Being part of the sexy lingerie items it is meant for glamour & sexy

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