Different types of panies / underwear for women

How to pick the Comfortable & Sexy undies for girls , here’s the list of diff varieties of panty to choose.


They have modest butt coverage and semi-hi-cut legs.
perfect panties if you want to get decent coverage without compromising on style.
These panties are ideal for physical workouts.


Hipsters Panty will be around your hips, Fabric of the side sections is narrower. These are low-rise and have a wide coverage on the sides.

They can be worn with low waist jeans and skirts.
These hipster panties are also a great option if you want to get through periods hassle free


Thongs Providing no coverage at the back. It sits three inches below the waist with a triangular patch at the front.
They don’t show visible panty lines when worn under jeans, leggings, or pants. perfect for party nights


The Gstring panties have rear coverage and provides very less coverage in back
They are suitable for date night


The CString style actually has no strings. C-string panties sit on your front area and cover only the important aspect leaving the rest arena bare


Tangas have a greater back coverage than a thong but narrower than a bikini.
They are a good option for active tights, leggings

Butt Lifter

Butt Lifter will lift your buttocks right up and give you an enhanced shape
 Designed with buttock cut-outs, it perks up butt muscles and imparts the right volume to the right place.
Get yourself a natural look with you miniskirts owning this style

Butt Booster

Butt Booster panties which will enhance the size of those sexy booties instantly. They are more of a butt enhancer and are created keeping in mind comfort for the wearer
you can wear underneath your low rise jeans


In case you want to Show a bit of buttocks cheeks
Cheekster panties which won’t leave a strong panty line and are perfect to wear under jeans.

Tap Pants

Tap Pant Also known as side-cut shorts
They are much like shorts with high waist covering the back and the pelvic area.
 you can be the beach girl wearing this style.

Seamless Panties

Seamless Panty provide highest amount of comfort when you wear them. they don’t have stitches on them.
You can also wear them with daily wear including trousers, leggings, pants or sheer dress

Classic Briefs

These ones add full coverage on hips and come up high on the waist giving a nice shape to the entire look
You might wear them under high waisted lowers and jeans
This will come handy during your periods time

Open Crotch Panty

Open Crotch is an extremely sexy one. this type leaves your crotch open totally.
Get ready for some steamy bedroom action with this scintillating thong which will let your vagina breathe

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