¿Piensas usar tarjeta de crédito en el cyber? Atento a estas recomendaciones

Do you plan to use a credit card? Pay attention to these recommendations

Recommendations to take advantage of opportunities and use your credit card while taking care of your financial health and safety.

Many shops offer discounts and promotions for “Cyber ​​week”. These dates are an attractive opportunity for online purchases. Although it can be very positive to take advantage of promotions, even in times of discounts it is important to take care of your finances.

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For this reason, Finanzas Al Toque, the free financial education initiative of the Association of Banks of Peru, offers some recommendations to take advantage of opportunities and use your credit card while taking care of your financial health and safety. If you want to learn more about how to manage your personal finances, go to finanzasaltoque.pe.

1. Create a budget

Although it is tempting to take advantage of the offers, remember that it is best to make purchases that you can comfortably pay for with your monthly income. It is therefore recommended to prepare a budget: list your income and all the essential expenses that you must make in the month.

The difference between the two will be the money you will have for other non-essential expenses. If you are going to use a credit card, remember that the line of credit you have is money that you will have to pay back later.

2. Find out about the conditions of your credit card

Before receiving and using a new credit card, ask for the conditions of use, such as the payment date, the membership conditions, the interest rate that would be charged if you decide to use it to get into debt. You can contact your financial institution to find this information.

3. Avoid going into debt if you are going to make purchases that are not essential

It is advisable to use money that you already have (or that you will have at the end of the month) to make expenses that are not essential. Your budget will tell you when you will be able to pay with your income at the end of the month. If you keep your expenses within that range and pay in full with your credit card, you will save on interest payments.

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4. If you need to get into debt, look for the best financing option

If you have already decided to make a large purchase and need a loan, be sure to look for the best financing option, that is, the one with which you will pay less interest. Ask your financial institution for the best option. For example, a consumer loan may offer a lower interest rate than a credit card. In this way, you will also save on interest payments.

5. Buy in well-known sites

Make sure you know the stores you are buying from and/or have good references about them. If you see any e-commerce that seems suspicious to you or receive any communication that raises doubts, avoid buying through this route as it could be a scam.

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6. Browse safe pages

The SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol to keep Internet browsing safe. Websites that have this security certificate will show a small padlock next to the web address. Try to only browse safe sites.

7. Do not make purchases from public networks

If you are going to make a purchase online do it from a private Wi-Fi connection or using your mobile data. This way you will be making sure to keep your information safe and you will prevent your bank details from being intercepted by third parties. Learn more tips and tools to take advantage of banking products with the new 100% free courses of “FinanzasAlToque.pe”. Enter finanzasaltoque.pe and start learning with a touch.

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