Dunzo Is Delivering Groceries And 'Memes' With It's Fun & Creative 'Reel Strategy'

Dunzo Is Delivering Groceries And ‘Memes’ With It’s Fun & Creative ‘Reel Strategy’

Marketing and advertising have become one of the most crucial tools for growth for any leading brand today. The importance of correct marketing has always been there for centuries now, it’s just the tools and means of marketing that have changed over time.

Brands today have numerous ways to promote their product. Whether it’s via social media, OTT marketing, or the age-old print media, the channels are numerous and have a wide spread across the globe reaching millions in just minutes.

Social media has played a very important role in making a brand a global success. The way brands indulge in every latest trend to pick up with what is buzzing, and how to stay relevant with the audience each year takes a lot of research and a fresh mindset.

Engaging with social media influencers and promoting the brand to millions of their followers has become a must for leading companies today. However, there is always a need to upgrade and do something new to stay in the limelight.

For this, many brands have even ventured into the world of Metaverse for product launch and promotion. But then, what else can be done?

Considering the need of the hour, Dunzo has decided to up the game and has taken up a ‘Reel Strategy’ to engage with the audience.

With this, Dunzo aims to deliver fresh and creative content timely to its TG and move on from the same old static posts.

Dunzo has brought its mascots and animated characters to life with this new approach. These characters will be seen doing all the latest trends and saying the one-liners that have been buzzing on social media lately.

Not just that, any video that goes viral about Dunzo on social media will be a part of the ‘Reel Strategy’ and have been shared with a musical twist.

With this creative approach, Dunzo aims at attracting customers to use Dunzo more often for either grocery shopping or to pick and drop stuff from one place to another

Dunzowale Dhaniya De Jaenge

Kaala Chashma by Harri

Chai – Biscuits – Dekha Ek Khwab

19 Minutes Delivery By Dunzo

Delivering Groceries vs Delivering Memes & Puns

Dunzo announced the launch of the new Christmas theme on its app with another creative reel and it is one fun watch for sure.

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