Negocios: cuatro beneficios de las Guías de Remisión Electrónica

Four Benefits of Electronic Referral Guides

The Referral Guides are fiscal documents that support the transfer of goods from one place to another. Find out how they can benefit businesses.

Digital solutions mark a milestone in the business sector, allowing the optimization of accounting and tax processes. Such is the case of the Referral Guides, a mandatory tax document that supports the transfer of goods from one place to another, and which began to be governed from the last July 13, 2022 under the new SUNAT regulations, which indicates that the issuance of these guides be electronic.

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“The Referral Guides are adapted to the mandatory electronic issuance to impact the business ecosystem with better results. Its digital format will optimize time and procedures for data validation, in case the authorities carry out interventions during the transfer of goods”, comments Renzo León-Velarde, General Manager of Digiflow, a leading company in digital transformation sponsored by the CCL.

The executive identified 4 achievements obtained by businessmen with the adaptation of the Electronic Referral Guides:


The electronic issuance of remittance guides allows for better control of the stock, the quantity of products and the merchandise of the businesses. Likewise, it will allow fluidity in the administration of inventories and sales, strengthening organization and safety at work.


As the electronic adaptation of these guides is mandatory, their incorporation will allow to regulate the order, deadlines and control of taxpayers and their businesses. In addition, it will preserve the prestige of the brands by avoiding costly sanctions and complications with financial entities.

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Electronic remittance guides will avoid investing in the use of paper since their administration in physical format will not be necessary. Likewise, it will also reduce courier expenses and, in turn, will optimize the time it takes to send the documents. This will directly increase the profitability of the business by taking advantage of the savings in terms of time, money and workload in the best way.


It will be generated that all documentation is worked on and evaluated quickly and efficiently, thus reducing the review time in case support is requested related to the transfer of goods by the authorities.

This type of document will support proactivity in business structures, facilitating the availability of documentation before, during and after the time of transfer of goods.

In this sense, is made available to all taxpayers, presenting them with an ideal solution for digital adaptation that is efficient, professional and fully up-to-date with regulatory changes, such as electronic remittance guides.

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