Black Friday: cómo un negocio puede mejorar la interacción con los clientes

how a business can improve customer interaction

These are 5 tips for a business when it comes to improving interaction with customers, facing a campaign or important event such as Black Friday, which will take place on November 25 in Peru.

According to data from Epilson, 80% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that offers them a personalized or tailored experience.

Black Friday, which will take place on November 25 in Peru, will be the ideal framework to personalize and optimize actions, both marketing and sales, since, in this great event, many physical stores and especially virtual ones will offer discounts and special promotions.

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In the last year, data from the Peruvian Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Capece) highlights that there are 13.9 million online buyers in Peru, which led this industry to generate US$9.3 billion in the same period.

In addition, a study carried out by IDC, at the request of Infobip, an omnichannel cloud communications company, on the payment methods most used by Peruvians for online purchases, showed that 68.2% of digital consumers prefer to use the debit card as the main payment method, while on the other hand, 50.4% feel more comfortable using credit card, and only 37.8% already adopt other innovative options such as digital wallet.

From Infobip, they present 5 tips to take into account when improving interaction with customers:

1. Segment your customers properly

It is not enough to simply segment your customers based on demographic parameters such as age, race, sex and gender (among others) to understand their interests and profiles.

Keep in mind that, by coming into contact with your business in a digital context, your customers, potential and active, can give accurate clues about who they are and what they like.

By interpreting the journeys of each customer (customer journey) you will have access to valuable information such as: favorite products, items recently purchased or abandoned in the shopping cart, clicks through sections of your website or app, purchasing habits, browsing time and abandonment times.

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“Inquiring into these points will allow us to accompany each person’s purchasing process, from start to finish, with omnichannel communication and marketing tools,” says Giovanna Dominiquini, Infobip’s Regional Manager for South America.

“Did you notice that a user registered on your portal, searched for leather shoes and clicked on those models that were within a specific price range, but did not end up buying anything? Now you know that this user is looking for shoes and you even know his budget, what are you going to do about it? Information, without a doubt, is power,” she added.

2. Make contextualized purchase offers and recommendations

Segmenting your customers in detail is essential in times when customer experience matters, as much or more than the value of a product or service.

“Just to give a hypothetical example: to understand that María, 32, of Peruvian nationality, likes to buy skin care products and that she generally does so in the afternoon (after finishing her work) and at the beginning of the month (once they pay at their company), it will allow you to send promotions and offers at more appropriate times and times”, explained Dominiquini.

“Likewise, detecting that María usually buys creams and products for oily skin and not for dry skin, could give you an idea when making contextualized and, of course, personalized recommendations,” she said.

3. Use the communication channels preferred by your customers

According to a study carried out by IDC, at the request of Infobip, 42% of Latin Americans prefer to receive purchase offers and suggestions through WhatsApp, while 53% prefer to receive information about tracking their purchase or order through this same messaging channel.

Now that you have set out to understand each and every one of your customers, and their many particularities, it is time to ask yourself which channels they consume the most and which ones they prefer to make purchases, receive offers and suggestions, etc.

Do you already know if your customers prefer to receive Black Friday offers and promotions through, for example, Instagram, TikTok, SMS or WhatsApp? Understanding that you need to be where your customers are will take you the extra mile.

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4. Optimize your campaigns by performing A/B testing

Optimize your campaigns by experimenting with different messages and publication times in order to understand what works best for your company and for your segments or industries, carefully monitoring all your publications.

5. Integrate a chatbot and make your campaigns even more personalized

In the case of being properly integrated into a database, chatbots can be excellent allies to personalize the experiences of your customers.

You can use them not only to answer specific questions or frequent queries, which could be obstacles to a user’s purchase, but also to recommend products to the customer that are in tune with their preferences, needs, buying patterns, history and behavior.

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to integrate a virtual shopping assistant that, equipped with the omnichannel data of your customers, can make very accurate product recommendations.

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