¿Cómo ayudan los sistemas de soporte de decisiones a las empresas?

How do decision support systems help businesses?

Decision support software (DSS) helps companies make determinations about issues that may be changing rapidly.

Decision support software (DSS) is an information system that supports business decision-making activities. DSS address the management, operations, and planning levels of a business.

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These types of systems help a firm’s representatives make determinations about problems that may be changing rapidly and are not diagnosed early. In short, the design of a decision support system can be an essential tool to solve problems quickly and with a business approach.

The main objective of the Decision Support System is to make the most of the information in the corporate database and convert it into intelligent and valuable information.

To do this, the data collected is processed and converted into relevant information automatically and in the shortest possible time. Thus, the managers of a company have the necessary knowledge to improve decision-making and innovate, detect, face and solve problems in time.


The DSS is based on three components which are the database, the model that is created based on the criteria of the company representatives and the user interface.

There are several types of decision-making support systems, from passive ones (which, although they help in the adoption of resolutions, cannot generate explicit suggestions) to active ones that are capable of issuing such proposals.

For its part, the cooperative DSS facilitates an iterative process between people and the system towards the achievement of a consolidated solution; while communication-driven DSS enables cooperation by supporting more than one person working on a shared task. Examples include built-in tools like Google Docs.

Data-driven DSS makes it easy to access and manipulate a time series of internal company data. And document-based DSS manages, retrieves, and manipulates unstructured information in a variety of electronic formats.

Finally, model-based DSS emphasizes accessing and manipulating a statistical, financial, optimization, or simulation model. It is a support system that uses data and parameters provided by users.

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  • Specialists say that companies that have a DSS experience a improvement in its competitivenessdue to the fact that this system analyzes and processes large volumes of relevant information, speeds up correct decision-making and offers a key vision of the company according to critical factors.
  • It also improves organizational controlbecause the data that is collected from a company is centralized for analysis and converted into reports.
  • Generate higher productivitybecause the information provided by the Decision Support System allows us to know which processes are the most efficient, where there are bottlenecks or which need to be improved.
  • Reduce costs because by improving decision making you can offer a better product or service to the customer.

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