¿Cómo saber si cuentas con una calificación crediticia negativa?

How do you know if you have a negative credit rating?

Having a positive credit rating will help you be a good candidate for better loans or credit. Find out how to find out if you are negatively reported at Infocorp!

When you approach a financial institution to apply for a card, a personal loan or a vehicle loan, you are analyzed by the banks. Factors such as income levels, payment behavior, as well as the credit score, are some of the variables evaluated by these entities, to decide whether or not to give you a loan.

Consult your qualification or credit score is important because it statistically predicts the probability of paying your debts in the next 12 months, this score is taken into account by the financial entity when deciding to grant a loan or acquire goods or services on credit.

But, what is a credit score or credit score?

The credit score is the rating given by the credit bureau (Infocorp), which ranges from 1 to 999, in which the higher the rating, the more likely it is that the person will pay their debts on time. While if you have a low score, the risk of default will be higher.

Having a high score will help financial institutions and other companies consider you a good candidate for different types of credit or any other type of installment payment services. Remember that if you make payments on financial obligations on time, you are more likely to have a good credit rating.

How do I know if I have a negative credit score?

If you want to check your Infocorp score and the status of all your debts, you must enter the Infocorp portal, the risk center that compiles the most complete credit information of all Peruvians.

How to consult my debts in Infocorp?

• Enter Equifax from HERE and follow the indicated steps

• After validating your identity, you can make the payment (S/ 29.90).

• Your report will arrive in your email.

Also, if you register on the Equifax page, you will be able to see your score free of charge whenever you need it and thus monitor your finances. If you have a rating of less than 600 or it decreases over time, you can buy your full report and thus see more information.

Remember that there is no score that is approved or disapproved beforehand, each financial entity defines what level of score it considers acceptable to offer credits, as well as goods or services paid on credit.

The score may vary according to the information registered, such as, for example, debts with banks, department stores, schools, telephone operators, among others.

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