¿Cómo lograr el máximo rendimiento de un equipo de trabajo?

How to achieve the maximum performance of a work team?

Are you looking for optimal results and for everyone to develop? Know three guidelines to achieve the maximum performance of a team in an organization.

No one doubts the importance of working as a team to achieve results, but that is when the question arises: How to achieve the maximum performance of my team?

“Many leaders of organizations or CEOs ask themselves, what can employers do to achieve maximum performance from collaborators? The first thing they should know is that achieving an efficient team is their choice, and it will never be a coincidence”, highlighted Manuel Celi, Chair of Vistage.

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“Several authors suggest starting by selecting the best candidates, both for their professional skills, but, above all, their personal values,” he added.

That said, the expert offers three guidelines to achieve the maximum performance of all the teams in an organization.

1. Core virtues

Patrick Lencioni, an expert in the development of high-performance teams, assures that leaders must ensure that their collaborators show the three basic virtues of those who seek maximum efficiency: humility, hunger for growth and empathy.

These virtues demand that each one stop being self-centered, changing the “I did it” for the “we did it”. It involves thinking less of oneself and working as part of a team, motivating themselves, constantly thinking about the next step and opportunity to do more and better, as well as empathy, the ability to perceive and understand the emotional framework of other members. of the team, boosting confidence.

2. The genius of the collaborator

The same author describes the characteristics or talents that must be found among team members: the genius of questions, the genius of invention, the discernment, the motivator, the enabler, and the genius of tenacity. Knowing the talents available in the team, as well as the lack of any, will help to see how to correct that absence.

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3. Internal trust

There is no team without trust, because it is the basis on which any activity is developed and it is the gear that marks relationships with others. It will allow risks to be taken, actions to be taken in coherence, everyone being able to render accounts of what has been done.

Instead, when trust fails, fear arises and the entire project or plans are affected. This is why CEOs must work hard on this point, since it will influence the productivity and commitment of the entire team, and that will be reflected in the final performance.

What else should be taken into account?

Building high-performing teams requires a leader’s determination not to give in to team members’ own resistance. It takes courage and also integrity to make sure teams have the right people and, if not, to make the necessary changes.

All the effort put into achieving an efficient team is nothing compared to the satisfaction of seeing the end results.

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