Cómo lograr que un equipo de trabajo mejore su rendimiento

How to get a team to improve its performance

There are many factors that cause poor team performance, but the solution could be to change the leadership style and create goals.

If a work team is underperforming, it can be due to individual mistakes, tense interpersonal dynamics, lack of communication between the leader and the rest of the group, or a combination of several factors.

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With regard to this, an article in the newspaper Management shares some recommendations to ensure that a work team achieves higher levels of performance.

Ask for help

If possible, ask your colleagues for advice on what they have done with underperforming teams. He also reaches out to mentors, other leaders, and peers outside the organization.

-If you are a leader, accept feedback

Although you may feel defensive or angry about comments about the way you work, you have to recognize that you are responsible for the actions of your team. Accept input and acknowledge that things probably need to be improved.

If necessary adjust your leadership style

Improving the performance of a work group also involves taking a look at your leadership style. After the respective review, evaluate how you can improve. Ask yourself what a change would look like.

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Create a team goal

If you are a leader, it is your responsibility to address the mistakes that affect the team’s performance and help it move forward.

Be proactive with team members and create joint goals. In one-on-one meetings ask each person to come prepared to discuss their goals and how they are moving toward them.

What else should be taken into account?

If you are looking to improve performance as a leader, you should also ask yourself if you have shared feedback so that each team member knows where to focus. Share how you would like to see the goals developed and achieved.

Also, think about how you will keep in touch with each member of the team.

Via: Management

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