Claves para mejorar la atención al cliente en las entidades bancarias y financieras

How to improve customer service in banking and financial entities

How can banking and financial entities improve their customer service? ISIL Go explains the key points to keep in mind.

One of the most important challenges of a business is knowing how to treat its customers in order to achieve their full satisfaction, this includes banking and financial entities.

In fact, if proper attention is not paid, there is a risk of losing trust, which is one of the fundamental aspects of maintaining a good relationship with the public, with customers.

It’s just that when it comes to handling their money, people expect the best possible deal from banks. That is why today the question arises: How to improve customer service?

Regarding this, ISIL Go, ISIL’s online education platform, explains the key points so that banking and financial entities can improve their customer service.

1. Remember: the customer is your number 1 priority

Banking and financial entities must treat their clients as the most important part of their activities. The client must feel that he is listened to, well treated and that the entity cares about his well-being.

2. Banking and financial entities must know the needs of the client

People turn to banking and financial institutions to meet various needs. Maybe they need a loan or hope to keep their savings in a safe place, maybe they’re just looking for guidance before making any decisions about their money.

In this sense, banks must strive to serve each person according to their needs and characteristics. That is why personalized attention can be vital to make a difference, stand out from the competition and serve the client efficiently.

3. Become trustworthy

People offer loyalty to those they trust. A lender can earn the loyalty and trust of the public based on its performance and day-to-day actions.

4. Be friendly and show interest in the customer’s problem or query

This must occur both in face-to-face treatment and when there are queries and/or complaints through social networks. When responding, the staff of the bank or financial institution must do so in a precise, weighted and timely manner, showing the user how important it is for the company.

5. Invest in improving customer service

Investing what is necessary and optimizing customer service as much as possible is also an important step to better serve the public and build loyalty. It is proven that efficient customer service is a very important factor when it comes to retaining customers.

6. Use clear language to communicate with the public

It is important that banks and financial entities use clear language to communicate with their clients and answer their queries.

It should be noted that the language used by such institutions could be confusing to people who are not used to financial terms. For this reason, companies must ensure that the public understands terms, conditions, the services that the bank will offer them, etc.

7. Adequate attention to claims

In case there is a claim by a client, avoid arguing with him. Whatever happens, the staff in charge must be diplomatic and act professionally. Even if you have an irritated client, it is not advisable to discuss or debate, but rather maintain a friendly attitude and open to dialogue, offering solutions.

8. Give good training to collaborators

It is recommended that the collaborators in charge of serving customers receive adequate training, so that they can optimize their treatment of the public and contribute to improving the services provided by banks.

9. Spread communication channels

Customers need to know through which channels they can make inquiries and make claims. In addition, users must be able to switch from one channel to another with ease.

10. Offer security to the client

Today cybersecurity is one of the main challenges faced by companies. For this reason, financial institutions must offer the best security mechanisms to users.

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About ISIL Go

ISIL Go is ISIL’s e-learning platform. It was launched on June 14, 2021, in order to promote the institution’s commitment to online education.

ISIL Go has more than 160 courses in categories such as Administration, Commercial, Communications, Accounting and Finance, Design, Interior Design, Education, Soft Skills, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, Talent and Wellnes.

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