¿Cómo hacer relevante a una marca digital?

How to make a digital brand relevant?

The digital medium is a space where brands and people interact. For that connection to occur, the content must be key.

The evolution of technology has caused an undoubted change in people’s habits; from getting together with strangers to share transport through an app, to renting someone they don’t know -and probably won’t know- their house to spend their next vacation.

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And it is that this type of action, which people tend to carry out more frequently, is due to the good management that some brands have shown in influencing, through communication and the use of the digital medium, the habits and behaviors of users.

According to a study by the communication, digital marketing and public affairs consultancy, LLYC, it should be understood that the digital medium is a space where brands and people interact. In other words, where before people only saw a logo, now they also observe values, and where before a brand was asked for quality and a good price, now it is expected to take care of the planet or to be in favor of gender equality.

For that connection to happen, content must be key, and even more so for those brands that aim to incorporate the younger audience into their ranks.


One point to consider is the importance of understanding insight, that “hidden truth” within all people or social groups, which when touched by some message or concept, makes the person react for better or worse. Therefore, these insights they are considered as the only way to stand out or achieve a greater preference of the public towards the content that is transmitted.

Likewise, the current digital landscape makes us aware that today’s public is more demanding and fragmented, which makes it essential to analyze the device we use -it can be small, large, physical or touch screens- and knowing how they are used. along with the content to be broadcast, such as interactive video, audio, image or immersive formats.

In the same way, there is a democratization of communication, where each person or organization can become a source of information, surpassing the media; the content is consumed in seconds and comes to coexist with news of global relevance or of profound importance, as is often the case on social networks such as Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Thus, the multiplatform should be taken as an opportunity to have larger content, and at the same time, be sub-composed of many others. Entertainment plays a fundamental role here, since it is necessary to ensure that all the pieces of communication are aligned, not only to respond to a insight determined, but to encourage users to follow the content of the different platforms.

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Finally, you need to have a balance between privacy and personalization. We are in an era of brand rapprochement, where advertising is tailored to each individual and not to a majority.

Users are not so averse to handing over the data they are collecting if they know what it is going to be used for, especially if they are in control of being able to delete it. Therefore, the current obligation and mandate of brands is to generate experiences while maintaining the privacy of the data collected.

In conclusion, it should be understood that the digital medium is the ideal medium if you want to carry out an effective communication strategy that allows brands and people to have a more direct relationship, establishing a constant and recurring connection between them. The person is the center of the strategy; we must listen to it and for this, the use of data is essential. We must rely on analysis and not on intuition.

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