¿Cómo propiciar la innovación en una organización?

How to promote innovation in an organization?

How to encourage innovation? The most innovative ideas usually come from a challenging vision.

One of the first steps to promote innovation is to cultivate an environment conducive to improving staff skills and making it easier to question the status quo, says César Antúnez de Mayolo, professor at Pacífico Business School.

In an article published by Management, the teacher also highlighted that managers must understand the current competitive environment and how it could change thanks to new technologies.

In addition, César Antúnez de Mayolo provides the following recommendations to promote innovation within an organization:

challenging vision

The most innovative ideas usually come from a challenging vision. That is, that vision must be bold, specific and measurable.

Time out

We must allow our collaborators to dedicate a portion of their time to generating new ideas. César Antúnez de Mayolo gives as an example that Google asks that its employees spend 20% of their time working on new ideas or learning new skills, while for 3M that rule is 15% of the time.


If we want innovation, we must build a business culture that promotes it, rewarding the best ideas, speed to market and learning, says the teacher.

accept failure

Keep in mind that not all ideas will be successful, so the teams within the organization must know that failures are part of the innovation process.


As far as innovation is concerned, mastery of technological tools is vital, but it will not be of much use if we do not find practical applications in them that are aligned with business objectives.

Via: Management

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