Responsabilidad Social: ¿Cómo fomentar la salud y el bienestar de los trabajadores?

How to promote the health and well-being of workers?

A company must be clear that success is built day by day through good practices and initiatives that invite workers to feel like key players within the company.

Currently, workers are seen as one of the main centers of interest for socially responsible behavior in companies.

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According to MetLife’s “Employee Benefit Trends Study” report, two years into the pandemic, work-life balance, purposeful work, and a supportive culture have become a key driver of retention. of talent.


For this reason, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in terms of well-being now extends to the worker, as a person with unique needs that go beyond salary.

The concept of well-being in employees contemplates health from a more global approach, which includes physical, emotional, financial and social conditions.

As confirmed by the study, an employee who feels holistically cared for is 74% happier at work, 59% more committed to the company, 54% more productive in their tasks and 51% more likely to stay in the company, at least one year.

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corporate health

According to Ramiro Postigo, Central Manager of Manuchar Peru, corporate health implies a new comprehensive management model focused on comfort and the happiness of the people who form it.

For this reason, the expert provides certain characteristics of a good company that offers health and well-being to its employees.

1. Teamwork

This will be one of the main values ​​in the different departments that make up the institution. In addition to fostering a positive and trustworthy leadership model.

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2. Benefits to your workers

Companies must focus all their efforts on actively and continuously improving the health and safety of their employees.

In total, during the pandemic period, more than 6,000 tests have been taken nationwide, approximately 30 for each collaborator, all with the aim of protecting our team, says Postigo.

3. Professional and personal growth

A good company knows that the aspiration of an employee will always be promotion with well-defined and adapted career plans.

4. Promote collaborative environment

With different activities within the company, it congratulates its workers with recognition and gratitude as one of the most important pillars.

“At Manuchar Peru we have a free time coupon book that seeks to promote a balance between personal and work life. In addition, we have corporate agreements with different entities with special discounts. We also constantly carry out integration activities among our collaborators, recognition activities for the most outstanding collaborators and celebration of special dates”, commented the executive.

5. Business sustainability

76% of companies state that their interest in sustainability has increased, which exceeds the regional average of 70.8%. Furthermore, 75% of companies expect to maintain or increase their budget in this area.

In the case of Manuchar, they have a business sustainability initiative called “We Care”, which is based on four fundamental pillars: environmental protection, community well-being, ethical work and sustainable procurement.

Finally, Postigo points out that these actions, in addition to influencing the motivation of workers, increase productivity and generate better results for the company.

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