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How to save effectively in the face of high prices due to inflation

These are four tips that should be taken into account to save effectively and avoid spending more than necessary.

With the passage of time, inflation has become the silent enemy of savers, since it generates the idea that money stops growing. Given this, specialists provide recommendations to prevent purchasing power from reducing over time.

José Samamé, regional manager of Caja Piura, recommends opening a savings account to safeguard the money and at the same time generate profitability.

“Place your extra money in a long-term savings account that provides security, zero maintenance costs, facilities to carry out daily operations, and generates earnings through interest,” he said.

Likewise, the expert provided four additional tips that must be taken into account to save effectively.

1. Consider an amount for unexpected expenses

Identify your income and expenses, both fixed and variable, including capital for contingencies and emergencies. It is not advisable to have the money under the mattress or stranded in a checking account. You must put it to work according to a personal financial plan, investing it in different products to obtain a return above inflation.

2. Use up-to-date price lists

According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), of the 586 products that make up the family basket, 419 registered an increase. Therefore, before making your purchases, make sure you have a planned list that includes the average cost of each product. In this way, you will decide if it is the best time to purchase certain items.

3. Set a goal

Millennials, people who were born between 1981 and 1995, represent a quarter of savers because they aspire to study, travel or buy a home. “Having a goal helps to be disciplined when saving,” said Samamé as part of the “Little money fell from heaven” campaign that rewards the most constant savers.

4. Buy food in bulk

Bulk foods become more relevant in the decisions of people in the inflation stage. Buying fresh products by weight not only reduces your ecological footprint, but is also a cheaper alternative.

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