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How to use TikTok as a marketing tool

It’s no secret that TikTok is the platform social media that is prevailing in the digital field. The videos in between 15 y 60 seconds provide entertainment and quick information to its 750 million users monthly.

It’s no secret that TikTok is the platform social media that is prevailing in the digital field. The videos in between 15 y 60 seconds provide entertainment and quick information to its 750 million users monthly.

First popularized by dance videos, companies are now taking advantage of the public’s attention towards the application incorporating marketing strategies to increase the traffic of the younger audiences.

In fact, 66% of users of TikTok they are under 30 and tend to focus on trending topics, hashtags and sounds. Here are some ways you can increase engagement on your TikTok to help grow your business.

Be consistent, build your brand

What makes unique TikTok is that the videos have the opportunity to go viral regardless of the number of followers or the date of adhesion. That’s why it’s important to create consistent, quality videos that get to the point and receive a lot of participation.

Many creators do this by posting on a schedule, posting easily recognizable videos for their brand, and engaging with their fans.

You can build your brand through text and graphics. TikTok offers options for subtitles, text-to-speech, and on-screen text. These can be easily added after shooting or uploading your video by clicking on any of the effect features at the bottom or in the right sidebar.

these functions increase the quality of your TikToks and make your videos more accessible to those who may have difficulty viewing or hearing.

It’s vital to always drive engagement in your videos. This could mean reminding viewers to like/follow, come back for part 2, or ccomment in response to a question.

Follow the trends

As users already know, in TikTok trends are promoted. For a video to be considered a trend, it typically has to contain a certain audio snippet and grow in popularity on the For You page. Following video trends is an easy way to increase engagement because the idea for the content and popularity is already there.

The “For You” page, or the home page, is designed to show the videos most relevant to the user’s interests and keep them in the app for longer. Since the algorithm knows that people enjoy watching trending topics, it is more likely to promote those videos and thus reach a larger audience.

To find audios that are trending on TikTokyou can scroll through the “For You” page or create a video by tapping the “+” button at the bottom center of the app, clicking “add sound” at the top, and then browsing through the recommended playlists either “TikTok Viral«.

The Washington Post TikTok (@washingtonpost), with 1.5 million followers, is one of the accounts that uses trends to spread news and attract users to its site. For example, in this video, they used a popular dance trend to showcase their interns. The audio had been used by 27K videosand drew nearly 1 million viewers to his TikTok.

If you incorporate your brand into popular TikTok trends and use trending audio, your TikTok has a better chance of going viral.

hashtags and gifts

Hashtags are a great way to categorize content so users can find it more easily. Simply adding popular hashtags to your videosyou can increase discoverability.

To find the most popular hashtags, head to the discover tab in the top right corner, and a list of trending topics will be highlighted below the search bar. Also, when you write a hashtag in your captionthe number of views associated with that tag will be displayed.

The biggest brands take advantage of the hashtags to do challenges or giveaways. Venmo (@venmo) created the #VenmoU challenge where users who follow their account and comment on their use of Venmo have a chance to win money.

The hashtag has more than 100 million views, and one of his most popular videos has 45K comments. While it can be difficult for creators just starting out to find success with their own hashtags, videos that participate in larger creators’ hashtags or include them in their videos can reach large audiences.

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