Empresas: claves para crear un adecuado plan de comunicación interna

keys to creating an adequate internal communication plan

An internal communication plan allows a company to gain efficiency and quality of results, among other benefits.

In any type of company, internal or corporate communication is of great importance because it helps to configure the processes within them and allows messages to be optimized with the target audience.

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An internal communication plan allows a company to gain efficiency and quality in results. Studies reveal that firms that have an adequate strategy to communicate their objectives have 47% more profitability.

“Internal communication has a social character, because it links people with different roles inside and outside the company. At the same time, the technical aspect of organizational communication manages the flow of information within the organization, as well as between it and its environment”, says Douglas da Silva, Web Content & SEO Associate, LATAM in an article published by the blog of Zendesk.

What elements should be taken into account to create an adequate internal communication plan?

First of all, it must be understood that it is based on two factors.

One of them is the diagnosis of the company that involves an exhaustive analysis of its mission, vision, organizational values, the profile of its target audience, the means of communication used, its effectiveness, the strengths and weaknesses of communication, as well as the main threats and opportunities.

While the second factor is the planning that begins with the definition of the objectives to be achieved with the internal communication plan within a certain period, to finally design a successful communications strategy.

The internal communications plan must contain the necessary elements that answer the following questions: What audience segment do you want to reach? Who will be responsible? When will it be carried out? How will it be developed? What will be the necessary investment? How will it be evaluated? What will be the proven result?

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Benefits of having a good internal communication plan
  • Efficient internal communication helps the company to generate better strategies and obtain satisfactory results.
  • It also contributes to improving the relationship between collaborators; which helps to solve and reduce conflicts.
  • Motivates workers to achieve their goals and shows interest in their opinions.
  • It allows to recognize the achievements of the workers, increasing their motivation and commitment.
  • It speeds up processes and contributes to increasing the productivity of the members of the company.

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