Morning sex: how to do everything beautifully

morning sex is one of the most chic things in the world. But it can be done better

In the early hours, small pleasures of life, such as morning sex, are an excellent option for awakening, and it is also a charge of vivacity and good mood for the whole day (yes, not a single charge ). Is it not wonderful to start the day with such a pleasant process, and listen to the annoying sound of the alarm clock?

There are a couple of things that can help make sex better:

Preparation in the evening

Although planning kills spontaneity, there is no way without it. In the evening, put chewing gum or spray on your nightstand to freshen your breath, and prepare condoms if you use them. All this will help in the morning not to rattle boxes and not rummage in a bag in search of chewing gum. And the less fuss before morning intimacy, the better. 

Get up early 

Initiative in the morning sex is still better to show you – both more pleasant and more convenient. The girl in the dream is even nicer, and you should not wake her ahead of time. Plus, the morning is good because the sleepy body is in no hurry, and therefore the act will be longer. 

Set the alarm to vibration, turn off the melody and put the phone under the pillow. Better make time 40 minutes earlier, purely for practical reasons. 

Wake her gently

And do not think that pushing a lady out of bed is a good idea. Quite the contrary – in this case, the sleeves from the vest shine on you. 

Start with light strokes, at the same time it will serve as a prelude. But do not overdo it: better longer, but more pleasant. 

Do not hack

Slowly, seductively and not too actively – the main epithets for morning intercourse. But frankly do nothing – this is also not ok. Take 5-10 minutes of foreplay, and then how it goes. 

Just don’t forget, soon to work. 

Do not overdo it

In the morning, few are capable of acrobatic stunts in bed , so do not invent difficult poses and places. You can, of course, do this in your heart, but all the delights and complications are best done by agreement and when you have more or less woken up. 

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