Naval Ravikant's Twitter Thread On 'How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)' Is Worth A Read

Naval Ravikant’s Twitter Thread On ‘How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky)’ Is Worth A Read

Everyone is looking for ways to get rich. Some are working hard in their jobs while others are working day and night to build an empire. However, success does not come easy to anyone.

Some may even feel that they may never find the true success that they are looking for and all their efforts are in vain. Luck plays a very vital role there. To find encouragement, people find inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

They read books, follow success stories of successful people today, or watch videos that help them find the right path.

A few years back, Naval Ravikant who is an Indian American entrepreneur and founder of AngelListshared an extensive thread on Twitter titled “How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)”.

AngelList is a platform for anyone wanting to invest in, or work at, a startup. As an investor, he has taken stakes in over 100 companies including Uber, FourSquare, and Twitter.

This is the thread that has become a topic of discussion amongst budding entrepreneurs.

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