Reasons Why Tata Salt Is Still The 'Desh Ka Namak'

Reasons Why Tata Salt Is Still The ‘Desh Ka Namak’

In most of our Indian households, salt translates to Tata Namak. And the jingle – “Namak ho Tata ka, Tata Namak”, is one of the most nostalgic and unforgettable jingles ever made.

With many other salt brands in the country, Tata Salt has been the most trusted salt brand for a long time now. But how did they manage to do this, all this while? Let’s check.

1. Turning salt into an organized market commodity

A subsidiary company of the Tata group, Tata Salt is a product that was moved from Tata Chemicals to Tata Consumer Products Limited.

In the early 1980s, the salt industry was an unorganized sector. Until then, Indians were consuming either unprocessed salt or sea salt. This is when Tata took advantage and started manufacturing salt under the brand name – Tata Salt.

The name was already a reliable and trusted one, and any product coming from the Tata camp meant high quality and trust. Also, the first-mover advantage helped the product get accepted easily.

Today, it is the biggest packaged salt brand in India.

2. Salt Becomes ‘Namak’

When we use domestic and relatable words in marketing a product, the product becomes relatable too. Using a word from our national language, ‘Namak’ meaning salt, made a considerable difference in making the product appealing and go-to.

Also, due to the Dandi March held during our struggle for independence, salt has been emotionally associated with our country too. All of this has prompted the audiences to buy nothing but Tata Salt for their daily consumption.

3. Product improvement

Research suggested that a sizeable population in India was deficient in Iodine. And to bridge the gap and also increase sales, Tata Salt started making the country’s first iodized salt.

In tandem with the nutrition department of the Government of India, the brand increased the salt’s nutrient content and value. This was well-communicated to the audiences, thereby increasing sales.

Over the course of time, Tata Salt also launched new products like Tata Salt Plus and Tata Salt Lite, based on different health needs.

4. Emotional Marketing

Patriotism is one human emotion that evokes a sense of loyalty and acknowledging sacrifices. Banking on this emotion, Tata Salt started promoting itself as ‘Desh Ka Namak’. This tagline is one of the most popular taglines ever, in Indian marketing history.

This built a strong connection with the audience, by making people feel a sense of belonging and loyalty towards our country by purchasing a pack of Tata Salt.

5. Using the right brand ambassadors

Exhibiting patriotism in the choice of a brand ambassador, Tata Salt chose Mary Kom as the face of Tata Salt, thereby establishing that the product is used by the fittest people.

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