¿Alquilar o comprar una vivienda? Consejos financieros que debes tener en cuenta

Rent or buy a home? Tips to keep in mind

Rent or buy a home? Either of the two options is viable, as long as the person knows their economic situation and does not end up with a debt that cannot be paid, says the expert.

One of the most complex decisions for those looking to have their own roof is choosing between renting or buying a home.

In this regard, Milagros Torres, deputy director of the Zegel Business School, explained to Correo that buying or renting a house or an apartment will depend a lot on the economic situation in which the person finds himself and if he is alone or with family. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages.

The expert recommended analyzing three options before taking the big step:


Ask yourself: Do I have the economic capacity? If you choose to rent a home, make sure that it is within your budget and that you can pay it monthly according to your salary. Remember that there are other necessary expenses.


Ask yourself: Am I going to buy for my family or for a business? You must define if it will be a good investment. For example, the place where you will place your venture, the profitability or if your investment will return.


Remember, it’s not just leaving home and looking for a place. Keep in mind that before buying or renting a home you should save an emergency fund, in case there is a layoff or illness.

Also, if your salary is not enough, do not get into debt with a loan that you will not be able to pay.

Finally, if you have a partner, you can share the expenses and save for other priorities.

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