Samsung's New Ad Takes A Dig At iPhone Fans

Samsung’s New Ad Takes A Dig At iPhone Fans

Talk about competitiveness, and one is sure to find mention of Apple and Samsung. While both are distinct in their own league, their rivalry has always been legendary, making hearts beat faster and markets interesting.

And last week, prior to Apple launching its new product- iPhone 14, Samsung had released a funny ad, called: ‘Buckle Up’, highlighting features that a phone from Apple does not possess. They did this as a persuasion tactic for the audiences to buy Samsung phones.

It even went on to say, “This innovation is not coming to an iPhone near you.”

And after the launch gone by, the South Korean giant hasn’t stopped in its efforts to get some serious conversions. It has released another ad called Samsung Galaxy: Join the flip side.

The ad has a girl – Elena, presumably an iPhone loyalist, who is introduced to this funky and sleek Samsung Z Flip4 phone by her friend. The ‘flip’ factor of the phone creates a lasting impression on her mind, so much so, that she starts seeing everyday objects in the same manner.

Right from observing a book that can be flipped in the same manner the Samsung phone does, to a sandwich and even a fridge.

While in the start, she clearly mentions that she loves her phone and would never replace it with any other, towards the end of the ad, she cannot stop herself from placing an order for the Samsung Z Flip4. An onlooker too gets transfixed by the phone’s features, thereby starting another round of the cycle.

This visually unique phone has caught the attention of the world, along with its distinctive capability to take selfies with a palm gesture.

Samsung has always proved to be competitive and innovative, and so has Apple, which is dubbed as one of the most iconic companies of all time.


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