Finanzas personales: seis métodos para reducir los gastos hormiga

six methods to reduce expenses ant

Why are they called ant expenses, how can I detect and reduce them? Read on and you will get all the answers.

Many people make small expenses in their day to day, things like: a soda after lunch, a packet of cookies at mid-morning, taxis so as not to be late, etc. The list of “tastes” and hardships that must be paid is usually long, they are money leaks that may go unnoticed at first or are not given importance, but together they are a problem. They are the “ant expenses”!

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know the enemy

They are called “ant expenses” because they are small, invisible, unnecessary purchases, of stealthy advance, they are given little importance due to their low cost, but together they end up impacting the poor pocket of the victim.

With regard to this, pay attention to these recommendations that will help you reduce or eliminate ant expenses:

1. Try to walk with little simple

For many, the temptation begins with the little coins that innocently await in the depths of the wallets, the pockets, the purses, the perfect moment to be spent.

It happens that when we have a lot of simple things we have no qualms about buying snacks (small things, like cupcakes, chips, candies and all the goodies you think of while you read these lines).

To avoid these small big economic defeats, it is best to walk with bills of value (S/10, S/20 and onwards). It will be very difficult for us to think of buying a chocolate, because it is not certain that the store will have a simple one to give you change.

2. Write down all your expenses

It may sound cliché, but it works. Writing down everything you spend (on paper, with the help of apps), for example during the month, works wonders because you will keep an order of your finances and you will have a clear idea of ​​the money you have and if it will be enough.

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3. Be very careful with offers

Do not be tempted to buy things while you walk, leave work or your study center, just because they are cheap thanks to the offers. Think about whether you really need those things and whether buying them will affect your finances.

4. Be responsible with the credit card

The credit card is a great help, but do not use it without control, thinking that those 5 or 10 soles will not affect your personal finances. Think that at the end of the month you will have a large sum to pay because those small expenses have accumulated.

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5. Detect sources of waste

One of the keys to eliminating wasteful spending is to identify the sources of waste. Carry out a conscientious analysis of your expenses, because perhaps you have not realized that those sweets that you eat daily have already become a serious problem for your pocket.

6. Start saving

Saving has become a commandment to fulfill in personal finances. If we work, it is advisable to save little by little, allocating between 5% and 20% of our monthly salary to savings.

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