Estrategias para realizar un evento de alto impacto

Strategies for holding a high-impact event

There are certain points to take into account to plan and carry out a high-impact event. ISIL Go shows you what they are.

Organizing an event can be a great commercial action for a company or business; however, for it to be successful (ie reach audiences and measurable results) we must plan carefully and leave nothing to chance.

If a company or business wants to present its product or service in style, or publicize a relevant campaign or advertisement, organizing an event with that objective could be the right option.

Beyond enthusiasm, there are certain points to take into account to plan and carry out a high-impact event. Speaking of which, ISIL Go, ISIL’s online education platform, shows you what they are.

1. Determine the end of the event

An event must have a specific purpose: publicize a product or service, create a bond with the public, publicize relevant information and have it published by the media, etc. The objective must be clear, so that you can focus all your effort on achieving it.

2. Define your target audience

You have to determine who the event will be aimed at: their age, characteristics, which interest group they belong to, etc. Only then will you know how to carry out your activity, what style it will have, the type of driving, how much to invest and more.

By defining your audience, you will know if it is more convenient to invite only journalists to publish your event, if it is convenient for you to invite only influencers, etc.

3. Make a list of what you will need

The best thing is that, with time, you make a list of everything you are going to need for your event, from seats for the guests, gifts and venue rental, to the lights, food and tickets (if you are going to put mobility to certain guests ), and so on.

4. Choose the place and date of the event

One of the most important aspects for the success of an event is to find the right place for its development. This place has to help us transmit the key message of the event.

Another key factor for our event is to choose a suitable date, that favors the majority of our guests and that does not coincide with another activity that could diminish the importance of ours.

5. Check infrastructure and others

Another aspect to take into account is to visit the place where the event will take place in advance, to verify that everything is in excellent condition and to follow up on the assembly of the activity.

This step is vital to detect in time and solve any problem with the premises (electrical connections, internet, emergency exits, etc.).

At this point it is also necessary to verify if the negotiations with the suppliers are on the right track. It is also suggested to draw up a work plan and do rehearsals, so that everything is properly organized.

6. Do not neglect the budget

The organization of events needs a budget. That is why making an estimate of how much the activity will cost will help you to have everything you need for your action, if you will need to resort to sponsors, loans, etc.

7. Stay alert to the unforeseen

Last minute changes may affect your event. For example, that you have to carry out the activity in another place, add guests or that some of them cancel their attendance.

If that happens, try to be flexible and adjust to the situation, as long as your activity is not in danger.

ISIL Go has for you the online course “Organize comprehensive high-impact events”

At ISIL Go, ISIL’s online education platform, they know that constant learning is vital for you to move your business forward or become a better professional. That’s why they have for you the online course “Organize comprehensive high-impact events”.

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You will also learn what tools are necessary for proper planning, measuring the results of an event and evaluating customer satisfaction.

To study you only need a computer with an internet connection.

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About ISIL Go

ISIL Go is ISIL’s e-learning platform. It was launched on June 14, 2021, with the aim of promoting the institution’s commitment to online education.

ISIL Go has more than 160 courses in categories such as Administration, Commercial, Communications, Accounting and Finance, Design, Interior Design, Education, Soft Skills, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, Talent and Wellnes.

Each course lasts 6 hours, has audiovisual material, interactivity activities, presentations and downloads for users, questions according to the course and closes with an evaluation that includes questionnaires and diagnoses.

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