Tendencias tecnológicas que facilitarán el desarrollo de los colaboradores en 2023

Technological trends that will facilitate the development of collaborators

It is important to be aware of the technological trends that will have a great boom in 2023. This will make it possible for workspaces in companies to be optimal and collaborators to be productive.

At present, all companies consider technology as an ally to streamline their production processes, provide better spaces for employees and, above all, not to be left behind with respect to the competition.

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An important point is that cybersecurity goes hand in hand with technology to provide efficient environments for employees.

”This is a way for all the content and essential points to be kept safe and at the same time, for everyone to consider that they are within a space of trust so that they can continue to develop naturally.” said Richard Lira, head of Transformation and Technological Innovation at Tgestiona.


Providing a better quality of user experience, improving productivity time and increasing non-routine daily tasks have been one of the activities that have been seen and worked on during 2022.

However, to start the following year, it will be necessary to know what other technological trends will be applied, so that the work teams can become familiar with these points, making their work more dynamic.

Given this, Lira mentions what are these trends that will be reflected in 2023 and that companies must take into account:

hybrid reality

It is a mixture of augmented and real reality, it can simulate how the distributions of spaces, vehicle parking, capacity, air quality, and different other characteristics that you want to apply to work spaces would look like. One point in favor is that mistakes can be avoided and other angles reinforced so that when they are carried out, favorable results are obtained.

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4G and 5G cellular technology

In the following year, more efficient use will be made of the 5G band, which expands the available radio waves. This technological advance will allow working with more agile and efficient services. In this way, the connection speed can be increased, and the number of devices that can connect to the Internet to share data and information grow exponentially.

3d print

This type of three-dimensional advancement will make it easier for companies to experiment with various design projects or the like without spending a lot of time or expensive tools. Thus, great savings in assembly costs can be provided. Its impact makes it possible for companies to have a more intelligent and eco-friendly production through technology.


Being a decentralized and incorruptible process, these ”chains of blocks’‘ reduce the operational risks of companies. Likewise, they reduce the risks of errors thanks to smart contracts that allow customer transactions to be programmed and codified, and, above all, to protect sensitive information.

These trends will be worked on with great height during the following months, and if a company considers these points together, it will be able to more easily achieve its objectives, at the same time that it will protect and provide optimal environments for its collaborators to continue being productive.

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