Economía circular: tres pasos para implementarla en una empresa

three steps to implement it in a company

Today, many companies seek to have processes that go hand in hand with the environment, and one of the best options is to apply the circular economy.

Currently, many companies are wondering how to implement processes that are more friendly to the environment, and that, in turn, are durable and sustainable over time. It is also sought that they involve both collaborators and their consumers, to assume and structure necessary changes that will benefit them.

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circular economy

One of the best options to achieve the aforementioned is to apply the circular economy, since this point involves the use of renewable energy and materials.

In addition to the fact that this type of transformation seeks to advance in the implementation of an environmentally friendly economic model with the purpose of reducing pollution rates, giving rise to the regeneration of natural systems, the protection of biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

Advantages offered by the circular economy

It is important to mention that putting this economic model into practice provides various advantages to companies.

Clara Figueroa, director of the Graduate School of Le Cordon Bleu University, mentions that “It is a proposal that generates economic benefits for companies by transforming waste into products, for example, between 2018 and 2026, the returnable packaging market would grow by 60%”.

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On the other hand, it also improves the innovative capacity of the company because it takes advantage of and generates value from waste, unlike the traditional, linear economic model that only includes taking, using and discarding, directly affecting the environment.

A great example is Finland, a country with a population of 5.5 million inhabitants who have proposed to use strategies for the application of the circular economy, an economic growth of 1.5% of GDP is expected by 2030 and a projection of 75,000 new jobs.

To make this change in companies and grant them better practices and sustainability, the spokeswoman points out the elements to consider:

Define an environmental quality strategy: This first part is essential to organize the company process and will allow the circular concept to be incorporated into the pattern of production, consumption, and at the end of the useful life of all the elements that make up the company.

Involve company staff: It is essential to take into account the collaborators, to tell them about the strategy considering their opinion regarding these changes, linked to the environmental quality policy and the circular economy model. Through permanent training, it is possible to align the different teams with the company’s green management and sustainability goals.

Actively adopt the model: Also consider suppliers as important actors, since they play a fundamental role in the production chain and in the supply of quality products and services, they will be part of the change within a circular economy.

Industries that implement innovative strategies require a certain level of investment, which will be in accordance with the needs and type of company. However, it is good to note that in the last 6 years the number of private funds has increased substantially.

“In Peru, agreements have been signed between the Minam and private companies with the aim of supporting the transition towards a circular economy and increasing the recovery of solid waste”, adds Figueroa.

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Learn more

Through the different courses of the master’s degree in Green Management, Sustainability and Social Responsibility offered by ULCB, skills of analysis and critical judgment of the current state of linear production models, the impact and risks in which companies are found are promoted. apply them.

Professionals trained in this discipline will be managers of change, they will promote innovation in the productive and service activities of organizations, always taking into account sustainable development and the care of natural resources.

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