Claves para una buena interacción entre marca y audiencia en las redes sociales

Tips for a good interaction between brand and audience in social networks

Check out these tips to be a proactive and reactive community manager that helps generate engagement and avoid unnecessary situations on social networks.

Much has been said about the success of a good publication on social networks, as well as the time, date and segmentation; however, there is a key point for a brand to stand out in the great digital universe, and that is how it interacts with communities.

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Being a community manager who interacts directly with the community, responding to their comments is not something to be taken lightly, as it can be a double-edged sword. Good or bad conversation makes the difference between ‘befriending’ followers to creating a potential crisis over misused language.

Today, due to the rapid viralization and the flow of information on social networks, destroying a brand requires very little time in relation to the process of building and maintaining it.

Under this context, anotherregional strategic communication agency, shares some tips to be a community manager proactive and reactive that helps generate engagement and avoid unnecessary situations due to bad interaction and, obviously, avoid –or take advantage of– trolls.

-Think before reacting

In the face of criticism or an attack, it is not advisable to write an automatic response, they are generally driven by emotion. Getting up from the chair and taking a breather can help the social media professional feel relaxed and focused on what they want to say, write with the tone and personality of the brand, the arguments with the three “cs”: of course , concise and verifiable.

If you have doubts about the situation, you should not hesitate to touch base with the client, guiding him with the best recommendation from experience.

When facing an attack, you should avoid blocking the account and deleting the messages.

When under attack on social networks, the worst thing to do is delete and block, simply because it is the equivalent of agreeing with the attacker. This action can generate mistrust, since it is not possible to know how many people have already read what was written, and they can interpret it as an attempt to hide something.

Hiding may be a better option if the comment affects the brand’s philosophy.

Take actions aligned with the brand values

If transparency and communication are the bases of the brand, then the voice and actions must be focused on it. You can answer directly with the greatest education without reaching the level of the attacker.

The same happens with positive comments, you have to answer according to an answer manual previously built with the personality of the brand.

This is how Larousse, LATAM or KFC have distinguished themselves on their social networks, reinforcing professionalism and authentic contact with their audiences.

Don’t waste your time or mind with trolls

Social networks are full of these people who feed on the anger of other users by insulting and criticizing opinions without arguments. If you run into these characters, and if the problem isn’t with one, you simply shouldn’t play the game. Do not forget to monitor the level of influence that the attacker has.

Respond calmly and politely

On the other side of the coin, there are people who make constructive comments, correct mistakes other users make, or express contrary views. No one is infallible in the great public square that is a social network. When you find these types of comments, you just have to thank and clarify the points that could create controversy.

Criticisms are not insults

The messages written on social networks usually carry the intention that the reader wants to put in them: an innocent joke can become an attack or a mockery, depending on the circumstances in which it is seen. We recommend having a little ball with the team to view the calendar from another perspective and, with a cool head, respond.

It is also valid, to avoid these ambiguities, to neutralize these texts with something similar to: “I don’t understand what you want to tell me. Please explain to me?” This can really help your relationship with followers, as you let them know that their opinion matters.

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Take advantage of the inbox resource

In the event of a heated discussion that has the possibility of getting out of control, if possible and brand practices allow it, the attacker can be invited to have a private conversation, where they can discuss without the need for public insults that encourage other people to take sides.

What else should be taken into account?

In social networks, attacks, malicious comments and dissatisfied customers are scenarios that occur every day. The difference between being successful and even victorious in an argument is in the way these situations are approached and how you interact with the followers.

This is the key to avoid giving an ungenuine brand identity, and on the contrary, demonstrate professionalism and attract a larger audience.

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