Tarjetas prepago: consejos de seguridad para evitar ser estafados y perder dinero

tips to avoid being scammed and losing money

Take care of your cards! Pay attention to the following recommendations to reduce the risk of being victims of fraud when using a prepaid card.

Making good use of a prepaid or credit card is the first step to make our finances evolve and our personal economy mature.

In fact, due to their growing use, these financial tools are beginning to position themselves as the best alternative for making payments without the need to carry cash. Therefore, it is important to take into account some security tips to avoid falling into scams and losing our money.

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use of cards

According to the latest report by Minsait Payments, Peru was the country that most increased the use of cards as a means of payment in the last year. It went from 27.6% to 42.3% in the use of these tools and is above Mexico (40%) and Ecuador (31.5%) in the use of physical debit, credit and prepaid cards as the main means of payment.

The payment card industry is constantly growing technologically to offer an increasingly better user experience in terms of usability, performance and anti-fraud tools. For this reason, a series of recommendations must be taken into account that will avoid headaches for the user and increase their confidence in this alternative that today can be used physically and digitally, depending on its issuer. In our case, our Global66 prepaid card is the product that transforms the experience of our entire digital ecosystem, as it brings together the security that Gmoney’s support can give us, reliability, and an accessible and fast professional support team”, commented Tomás Bercovich , CEO and Co-founder of Global66.

In this sense, Global66 offers a series of recommendations to reduce the risk of being victims of fraud when using a prepaid card:

1. Choose safe financial cards and platforms

Although more and more entities take into account the security of the cards, it is important that you verify the information of the issuer of your card: how and where it operates, what its backups are, its platform, the quality of the product, customer service, among others. . In the case of the Global66 prepaid card, it has a professional support team and, in addition, the product includes a Validation Value Code (CVV) to which only the owner has access.

2. Make purchases in secure digital stores

Regarding virtual purchases, keep in mind that before entering the card data it is important to confirm that you are on a secure web page. Some indicators that are useful to identify the legitimacy of the site are that its https address does not have spelling or layout errors; and the page has the lock that indicates that the connection is secure. Do not forget that you should never save your bank details on the web.

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3. Set up notifications

Verify that the company that provides you with a prepaid card has a notification system that tells you each time you make a transaction. Knowing if the card has been used by third parties is easier if a message (SMS) or an email notification arrives. Thus, from the entity’s app or web platform it will be possible to request an alert to deactivate the card or freeze it.

4. Keep track of the cards

When making payments, it is important to always have your prepaid card in sight. Although in several establishments they still ask for a password, there are others where a contactless payment system is implemented. By always having your card with you, you can avoid any attempt at cloning or theft. Also do not forget to make sure that no one is watching you when typing the pin number.

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