Organizaciones: cuatro consejos para motivar a los colaboradores en Navidad

tips to motivate employees at Christmas

The Christmas season could be a good time to motivate and recognize employees. These are some recommendations to do it.

During the last three years, the difficulties and changes brought about by the pandemic generated feelings of concern and uncertainty. The end of the year is approaching, which often means celebration and family… but also tiredness and lack of concentration due to the complication of balancing personal life with work.

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For this reason, the Christmas season becomes a good time to motivate and recognize the greatest asset of a company: the collaborators, for the effort and commitment shown throughout the year.

According to the recent Christmas 2022 survey of more than 2,700 Sodexo Benefits and Incentives recipients, 61% feel that their employer encourages their work. However, there is still a 39% unattended.

“The end of the year parties are ideal occasions to strengthen the corporate values ​​of a company through recognition or incentives that promote motivation and productivity; which translates into growth for everyone, thus a successful year-end will be achieved”, commented Analía Ferrero, Marketing Manager at Sodexo Benefits and Incentives.

In this context, the expert shared 4 tips to motivate your team this season:

1. You can’t miss Christmas dinner!

Celebrating Christmas in the company is a way to offer emotional salary to your human talent. An alternative is to plan a Christmas dinner with all the collaborators, promoting integration and reinforcing the links between them and the leaders.

It is advisable to organize it in a not so formal way to reduce the feeling of hierarchies between each other, and that everyone can feel part of the same team.

2. Your team deserves to be awarded

The end of the year may be the right time to highlight the skills of the members of your team, since it is a time of evaluating achievements and projecting goals. Corporate vouchers and gift cards are the perfect option to reward them. Set aside a special time with them and recognize the achievements of your collaborators; It will be an ideal time to also promote corporate culture.

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3. The best bonus: Bonuses and incentives

According to the same Sodexo survey, 9 out of 10 employees prefer to receive gift cards or vouchers, both physical and virtual, instead of a turkey voucher or a grocery basket.

“Clearly the collaborators want to decide how to use their bonus and not for the employer to choose for them; Through options such as Christmas Pass, e-Commerce Pass or e-Vale, they will be able to choose where, when and how to use their bonus, according to their needs. This is key because not only is this preference met, but the company saves up to 49% in operating expenses,” adds Ferrero.

4. Free time: the most valued

Although many companies continue to use the home office and hybrid work, the truth is that most people want to enjoy more time with their family at Christmas. For this reason, it offers flexibility through days of teleworking or days off to be with family. In this way, they will have time to do Christmas shopping or simply be at home with their loved ones.

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