What are Siberian cats and how do you care for them?

What are Siberian cats and how do you care for them?

Beautiful, elegant, and large, Siberian cats have truly stolen the hearts of cat lovers. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about these special cats!

What are Siberian cats?

Siberian cats are a breed of cats that love nature and are often impressed by their size, coat, and attitude. It is a breed that originated in Russia and started being seen in the 1980s. They are house cats and now have many fans all over the world.

Where do Siberian cats come from?

They are native cats of Russia, specifically in the eastern areas such as Siberia. They are said to be the result of a cross between a European cat and the wildcat of the Siberian forests.

What do Siberian cats look like?

They have medium length and profuse hair which is their signature feature. They can withstand minus 30°C and have therefore been able to survive for a long time. They are larger than the common ones and can weigh between 4 and 9 pounds. They are winter cats and you can find them in grey, brown, white…

How do Siberian cats behave?

They are hunting cats par excellence. They have great agility and speed, accompanied by a tail that is wider at the base than at the tip, which has dense and long hair. Siberian cats are very friendly and playful. Although it’s hard to believe, they love to play with water and are highly intelligent so you can teach them some house habits.

Romantic type

They are known to be a very romantic species, as male cats usually mate only with the same female and even stay to care for the young after they are born.

How do you care for Siberian cats?

But caring for Siberian cats goes way beyond just telling them how cute they are and feeding them. They are cats that need special care and today we will show you how to keep your Siberian cat very happy.

Tip 1: Brush your pet’s hair

The fur of these cats is dense and long and they require someone to brush them to prevent them from forming knots. Brushing is also a way to prevent parasites or hairballs from getting stuck and later bothering them. You can do it 3 times a week.

Tip 2: Don’t cut their hair

This cat species is born with a long coat and they need it to stay happy. If you live in climates where winters are intense, keeping them is recommended. Clipping Siberian cats also makes them depressed, so you should only do this if your vet tells you to.

Tip 3: Sterilize them

While you definitely want to have offspring, after you achieve that you should spay the Siberian cat as they tend to run away when they are in heat. Save accidents on the street and protect them consciously. This also prevents the females from having more births than they can carry.

Have a good diet

They are carnivorous cats, so you should feed them a diet that is high in healthy protein and low in carbohydrates. Combine dry and wet food so that the cat gets all the nutrients. You can also give him some special feline treats and buy catnip.

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