What are the favorite camping countries of the Dutch?

The Dutch love camping. But which camping countries are now the undisputed favorite? We dived into the wonderful world of camping especially for you. Are you already curious about the favorite camping countries of the Dutch? Then read on quickly!

For years, France has been the undisputed number one when it comes to the favorite camping destination among the Dutch. The drive to the country alone is beautiful. Along the way you will drive through beautiful regions such as Auvergne, Bourgogne and Champagne. The beautiful hills and endless vineyards give a romantic sight.

2 – Italy

Also beautiful is Italy, the number two in the list of camping countries. The Tuscany region, for example, is highly recommended if you dream of a camping holiday in Italy. After France and Italy, the favorite camping countries are Spain, Germany, Croatia and Slovenia. Croatia is gaining more and more popularity among tourists. More and more people are discovering beautiful cities such as Porec and Pula and the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes.

Go where you want

Europe has a large number of popular camping countries. Sometimes dogs are also welcome. What they all have in common is the feeling of freedom you experience while camping. By car you drive past natural beauty and beautiful places that you miss with an airplane. The feeling of freedom is therefore an important reason for campers to go out. Every day you can decide for yourself what you do. It is very nice to explore the area by bicycle, mountain bike or boat. These means of transport can be rented cheaply at most campsites. There is nothing healthier than fresh air. Camping is the ideal way to discover nature in complete freedom. Finally some time for yourself

During a camping holiday you can relax for a while

At the campsite or with a tent in the wild, you have the freedom to go where you want. The type of relaxation on holiday is different for everyone. For example, many people enjoy cycling or walking in the area. Or maybe you finally have time for your big pile of reading books. It gives a wonderful feeling to have no obligations on your mind. Luxury campsites Camping still has a fairly simple image. You park the caravan in a certain place, and you are ready to go on holiday.

Why a tent instead of a caravan?

Placing a tent is even easier than a caravan. Today this is no longer the only way to camp. For example, there are more and more campsites that offer luxurious facilities. Think of campsites with wellness centers, where the staff will pamper you for a while. You will also come across large supermarkets at some campsites. In that case, the small camping shop is passé. On the other hand, it also has its charm to be able to choose from a limited number of products


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