What is a podcast and what is podcasting for?

Have you ever wondered what a podcast is and what is the purpose of podcasting? The truth is that currently podcasts have become very fashionable, so more and more people are venturing into this type of project. That is why we consider that it is currently very important to have the necessary information about them.

Taking into account the great success it has and the impact that these can have, it is important that you have more information so that you can determine if these could be adjusted to your Digital Marketing campaigns or your future projects.

What is a podcast?

The podcast is a publication in audio format that can be listened to online in a personalized way, through streaming or directly from our device after having downloaded it. Likewise, these are programs that are carried out periodically, so we can find seasons, new content weekly, etc.

In a few words, we can say that a podcast is a multimedia file that is prepared to be listened to by users, as if it were an online radio program that users have access to practically at any time.

Today, podcasts are often used as a content dissemination strategy within what would be inbound marketing, more specifically as audio marketing.

The word “podcast” is made up of two English words: pod and broadcast, which can be directly translated as “portable multimedia broadcast”. An important detail that we must take into account is that from the same server you can listen to the audio file online, being able to listen online and, depending on the platform on which it is available, download it to be enjoyed at any time.

Podcast, podcasting y podcasters

We must be clear that podcast and podcasting are not the same, since the first refers to the audio file, while the second refers to the action of distributing said audio file. Currently one of the most common and simple distribution systems is through the RSS feed, as well as through different audio platforms such as Spotify and even in some cases through a video format such as YouTube.

On the other hand, podcasters are the people who are in charge of creating this type of multimedia content, being the people who record their content in MP3 format or, if they wish, also in video format and other formats depending on the platforms they are on. those who distribute their content.

Currently, conventional radio is the one that has had to adapt and has ended up following in the footsteps of the most popular podcasts, since they have an air of freshness and know how they can keep users interested in the content they publish each time. some time. This means that the podcast has ended up completely changing the world of conventional radio.

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