What is Causing Hair Loss And How to Manage It

Hair loss can seem in a variety of ways, depending upon what is causing it. It can come on slowly or suddenly and affect both your scalp and even your whole physique. Common symptoms and signs can include:

Symptoms and Signs of Hair Loss

It’s typically occurs when you are in your late teens or twenties. Women usually experience during pregnancy. When you are giving birth, your body typically sheds several hundred hairs in one day, giving your scalp plenty of time to grow back. However, some women also experience significant hair loss after giving birth. This is typically temporary and is only temporary for a short period. You can take help from an experienced hair loss clinic through proper diagnosis.

Deficiency of Vitamin C

As we get older, it may not be possible for some people to get enough vitamin C or else the body will be unable to make enough collagen which is what gives the hair its strong structure. This is one of the major causes of hair loss. The other major cause of hair loss is a deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals such as B-complex, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

Improper Diet

Improper diet is another important cause of hair loss and may cause hair loss even at a very young age. It is best to eat foods rich in antioxidants such as dark green leafy vegetables, raw nuts, fruits, seeds, and other food items rich in beta carotene. Deficiency in this particular vitamin causes the body to store excess fats in the liver and may cause hair loss.


Frontal hair loss is typically caused by hormonal changes that occur during puberty. Testosterone, DHT, and the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase are responsible for this change. You will likely begin to see a pattern of bald spots that gradually spread from your forehead to the front of your head. These spots generally begin to grow back after about a year or so. However, this can take as long as three to four years to reach full recovery.


Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine (marketed as Propecia), has shown great potential for treating male pattern baldness and other types of alopecia. Unfortunately, Rogaine must be taken daily and it comes with a price. However, there are now lots of products in the market that have Rogaine components minus the need for a daily dose. These products include topical solutions, oral supplements, and even shampoos that can promote hair growth. Since Rogaine was introduced a few years ago, thousands of men have successfully used it, so it’s worth trying.


Traction alopecia is another common cause of hair loss. This tends to affect many people who wear caps regularly. While wearing caps can keep your scalp warm, it also pulls on the hair and tightens it at the roots. With traction alopecia, hair begins to thin out in large patches. While most people can get rid of these thin areas using scalp massage and other non-surgical procedures, many people who suffer from this condition do not know how to treat it naturally.

Frontal Hair Loss Causes

Frontal hair loss commonly affects men. Several factors contribute to this condition. It could be due to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that attacks the hair follicles in your frontal region. This hormone is typically found in male bodies and is responsible for controlling the growth of hair follicles.

If you are having any symptoms or want to get rid of them then contacting a well-reputed clinic can help you in diagnosing and treating. 

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