Negocios aesthetic: ¿Qué es esta tendencia y cómo integrarla a tu empresa?

What is this trend and how to integrate it into your company

Attention, businesses: There is a trend that floods social networks, motivated mainly by centennial users: the “aesthetic”.

The young people of the “Generation Z” or “Centennials”, are reaching their mid-twenties and the economy and employment are beginning to be important issues in their lives. Not only in terms of purchases, but also for your goals of financial independence.

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According to the research firm Deloitte, in 2021, among the main concerns as a result of the 2020 pandemic, are climate change, unemployment, and health care and disease prevention.

So it is not surprising that their interest is marked by the creation of financial opportunities in which they can combine these three variables to achieve security and well-being at the same time.

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This is where a trend that floods social networks comes in, mainly motivated by centennial users: the “aesthetic”. Although its strict translation refers to the quality of “beautiful” things, the trend has gone further and there is even a Wiki that makes it easier to find the elements of a certain style of this trend.

According to a Global Web Index survey, 47% of Generation Z look for brands to be smart, 40% for them to appear “trendy or cool”, and 37% for the brand to make them feel valued.

Therefore, a business, in addition to having an aesthetic, cool and intelligent image, must show interest in the emotional concerns of centennials, remembering that among the most important issues for them are caring for the planet, getting a job and taking care of the Health.

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How to integrate aesthetics and the affinity of centennials to your brand or business?

1. Review your brand image. Whether in the physical store, in the online channel or in social networks, the elements of your branding must be consistent in their color palette and what you express in all your channels, it is about having your own style.

2. Listen to your community. Get involved with the topics that your followers and customers are interested in, it can be education, inclusion, caring for nature or any other.

3. Start the digital transformation of your company. Take a moment to analyze what processes you could be automating, maybe a tool or software could help you generate more sales or do it faster.

4. Improve customer service. Do not skimp on the experience of your users, be friendly, respect their opinions and always be open to dialogue and collaboration. The main thing is to actively listen to their needs and solve their problems in the most agile, creative and beautiful way possible.

5. Be brave! If aesthetics is your thing, take the step to sell online and on social networks like Instagram and TikTok, it is undoubtedly a much stronger trend on the Internet. Start by creating your logo, remember that chic, grunge, retro, cute, gothic, sporty and cool are the order of the day.

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What else should be taken into account?

Over the next few years, as this generation matures and millennials continue to grow in financial capacity, changes in consumption and preference for brands, products and services will continue to move.

Beyond the aesthetics, the coherence of the brand in all its windows, physical or virtual, must reflect that it seeks to continue its expansion and increase its productivity and sales with ethics and a deep knowledge of its style and those around it.

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