¿Qué deben hacer las empresas peruanas para ser más innovadoras?

What should Peruvian companies do to be more innovative?

In the region, companies with a creative and innovative culture have increased significantly in the last four years, but have fallen slightly in Peru, according to a study.

In the region, companies with a creative and innovative culture increased significantly in the last four years, but fell slightly in Peru, according to the C3 Ranking of Innovation – Peru 2022, prepared by FutureLab, Brinca and the University of Sciences and Arts of America Latin (UCAL).

“One of the reasons, according to the report, is that employees feel that their creativity is poorly recognized and rewarded at the organizational level,” explains Ada Kanashiro, director of Continuing Education at UCAL.

To reverse this situation, the C3 Ranking proposes that Peruvian companies work on 10 key dimensions that will strengthen the creative and innovative culture.

These 10 dimensions are: Trust and collaboration between teams, strategic commitment, diversity of human talent, resources and incentives, internal openness to create stimulating work environments, autonomy to develop creativity, time to transform ideas into projects, leadership, work challenging and external openness.

In that same sense, Kanashiro highlights four recommendations to strengthen innovation management by 2023:

  1. Corporate governance commitment. Company leaders must guarantee, through policies, resources, financing, time, incentives and technical support, an organizational culture that stimulates creativity, innovation, experimentation and project development. Only in this way, with an internal openness, can collaborators be required to add value to their work.
  2. Develop internal collaboration programs. Fostering collaborative and transdisciplinary work will facilitate the generation of ideas, the agile validation and iteration of solutions, and the effective development of projects that allow the deployment of new business models.
  3. Permanent accompaniment. It is important to monitor and provide support or training to innovation teams and leaders, to ensure the proper use of time, the timely delivery of feedback, the implementation of agile work schemes, the strengthening of digital and innovation mindsets.
  4. Design evaluation metrics. Monitoring the performance and results of innovation projects is very important because it helps show how the work of collaborators contributes to the achievement of objectives. Thus, by recognizing these contributions, other employees will also feel challenged or motivated to face new challenges.

Finally, Alfredo Pérsico, representative of FutureLab, highlighted that companies are currently in a process of permanent transformation and, therefore, developing a creative and innovative culture is no longer an option, but rather a necessity.

Likewise, Kanashiro, from UCAL, argued that “innovation is key to creating shared value, transforming traditional companies and services, creating new business models, opening new opportunities and impacting society.”

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