Empresas: ¿Qué hacer para retener a los trabajadores jóvenes?

What to do to retain young workers?

Here are some tips that can help employers successfully hire and retain young people.

Many employers wonder how they can do a better job of hiring and retaining young workers.

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In this regard, an article published by Management shares some recommendations that can help employers successfully hire and retain young people.

1. Create career jobs

Good jobs are not only about salary, good jobs promise a future and make young people feel valued.

Career jobs pay living wages, have predictable hours, visible skills, pay advancement, and foster respectful relationships with supervisors and co-workers.

2. Communicate career advancement opportunities

If the company sees the hire as the start of a long-term relationship, make this clear from the start. Otherwise, young workers could leave prematurely for another job with opportunities for growth.

3. Build positive relationships before hiring

Young workers often need to be able to imagine themselves in a workplace, and job tours and shadowing can be beneficial. The company must think critically about the signals it is giving to potential applicants-

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4. Communicate and clearly explain expectations

Every company has formal and informal rules about expected behavior. So it is the job of the employer to communicate the rules and explain why they were established.

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5. Foster a climate of respect and dignity for all

Tolerating disrespect in any form depresses morale, reduces productivity, and encourages turnover.

Employers should pay attention to discrepancies that may arise (of race and gender in pay, shifts, hours, and work assignments).

Think of a new hire’s first few weeks as a trial period for both employees and employers.

Successful onboarding and reducing turnover requires communicating that a long-term relationship is valued at the company and that your workplace is welcoming and respectful.

Via: Management

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